Blind Installation

We survey and provide blind installation on all of our products unless you specifically want supply only or are a trade customer. We only install products that are bought from us and are unfortunately unable to install other suppliers products. All of our fit team are fully trained in blind installation and employed full time so that we can offer the best standards and a high quality finish. This is how the Blind Technique process works:

  • When you get a quotation from us, we offer you blind installation and will explain our service to you.
  • Some of our products must be installed by us and so we include the installation in the price.
  • Quite often the advisor that you initially see will be able to carry out the survey.
  • For certain products we send a specialist surveyor who will also do the blind installation - examples are shutters and conservatory blinds.
  • When the blind installation is complete, we will demonstrate the products and give you the opportunity to sign off the work and review us.
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Shutter installation by Blind Technique


Fitting Information

Appointments. Morning appointments will arrive anytime between 8am - 1pm and afternoon appointments will arrive between 12pm - 5pm. One of our installation team will try to call you approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour before they are due to arrive on the day. Due to traffic and other factors outside our control, the timings may change.

Information for on the day. Please, make sure that somebody is in that can sign off the work completed. If you have any ornaments, pictures, family heirlooms, furniture or other obstructions by the windows or on the window sills, please make sure that these are moved safely out of the way before the installers arrive.

Electrical Products. If you have any mains motor products that require wiring then you will need to organise an electrician to do this. We will be able to test products on the day so recommend an electrician is organised for when we are finished, the end of the day or the day after.

Payment. Your balance should be paid as per our terms and conditions which is 3 days prior to blind installation. Please make sure that you have paid or you have contacted us otherwise your appointment may be automatically cancelled by our system. You can call us on 0208 866 6088 to pay by card, or transfer BACS to Blind Technique, Sort Code:60-18-05 Account Number:15011453.

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Blind Installation - Shutters

Blind Technique fitting shutters - installation


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does blind installation take? This will depend on the number and type of products you have. As a very rough guide, if you allow around 20-30 minutes per blind or shutter this will give an approximation. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the level of the window.

Can I do blind installation myself? In theory yes you can, depending on the product and your own level of experience. We do however recommend a proper survey and install by ourselves especially for more complex products.

My product looks wonky! Most windows, especially in older properties, are not 100% level or square. When you install a new blind, or shutter, it needs to be installed square and level so that it operates properly. For this reason, it can seem that after blind installation, the product seems wonky or not level when in fact it is the window.


Using chemifix to install an awning

installing an awning


installing an awning after picture