Tips for Bringing More Daylight into Your Home

In some homes, as hard as you try, it can be very difficult to get enough natural daylight into some of the harder-to-reach areas. This can be quite frustrating as natural daylight is one of the best ways to make a room feel more vibrant and welcoming, but sometimes, an ordinary window simply doesn’t do the job. If you happen to be in this situation, take a look at some of the tips below to help bring some more daylight into your home.


Have High Glass Doors

When designing your glass doors, a great rule to follow is that the higher the angle the daylight is coming from, the more daylight you will get into the room. Therefore, if you are wanting to try and maximise the amount of daylight which is entering the room – it can be a good idea to have glass doors that are close to the ceiling as possible. These look great in kitchens or conservatories and they allow the light to have a better reach into the depth of your house.

Maximise your Windows

In the same way you should try and have high glass doors in rooms such as your kitchen or conservatory, you should also aim to have your windows as high as possible too. This can be particularly useful in rooms which have a nice view as it allows you to get the most out of the scenery too. To ensure that you can really make the most of the windows, it can be a good idea to use roller blinds when dressing them as it will allow you to make the most of the daylight and will also allow for privacy when it gets darker outside.


Glass Roof

As one of the best ways to get more natural daylight is when it is coming from the highest angle, it makes sense that a glass roof is a great way to get the most natural light to enter the room. These are usually best in kitchens, conservatories or orangeries and they can be a fantastic way to brighten up the space. However, an issue with glass roofs are that they can make a room feel really hot or cold (depending on the weather), but a great way to overcome this is with pleated roof blinds. The solar shading means you can cover the window – whilst still letting light to come in – and they also keep the room cooler at the same time.


Glass Roof in the Hallway

One of the most difficult spaces in a home to get natural light is often the hallway. There is rarely a home which has an ideal space for a window in the hallway, so a great way to overcome this is by getting a glass roof fitted at the top of the staircase. This will allow lots of daylight to flood down into the hallway and can make it feel much more brighter.


27th April, 2017