How To Redesign Your Home With The Help Of The Internet

Five years ago, the idea of ordering a taxi on your phone was almost unheard of. Fast forward to now and most of us can’t imagine how we’d get by without being able to hail a taxi at the touch of a button. Online shopping is another area that it’s difficult to imagine life without. While it may have opened up a world of interior design options, most of us have only scratched the surface of what is on offer for the amateur interior designer or decor addict. Here are some of the different ways you can use the internet to spruce up your home.

Online Interior Design Services

Getting advice from an interior design is no longer the reserve of the rich and famous. There are multiple websites online offering interior design services for a fraction of what you would expect to be charged. While many higher end boutiques might offer a free interior design service, but they may well recommend items that are way outside of your budget. With an online interior designer, you can specify if your budget is IKEA or OKA, so you’ll actually be able to buy the items they choose for you.

online interior design service

Custom Blind Solutions

Getting custom window fittings is another easy trick that can help make a space look more intentional. At Blind Technique, we offer a free measuring appointment and free quotation, so all you need to do is choose your design and you’ll be one your way. Once upon a time, you would’ve had to visit a showroom, which might be halfway across the country to get the blinds you want, but now they’re just a click away.

Brainstorm Like A Pro

Pinterest isn’t the only source of inspiration for your next home design project. Websites like Houzz can help you to not only imagine new possibilities for your home but also buy the pieces that you love the most. On Pinterest, you might see something amazing, search for it online for hours only to discover it was discontinued 5 years ago. With Houzz, you won’t face this dilemma.

Create a Floorplan

One of the biggest problems with refreshing your home is that it can be difficult to imagine the possibilities of the space when it is filled with your furniture and accessories. By creating a floor plan you will be able to try out different arrangements without having to lift a finger. If you aren’t an architect, creating a floor plan might be a bit of a nightmare, but there are now online alternatives that will help you to create a floor plan and virtually place your furniture in the space.

28th July, 2017