Tips for Making an Old Home Feel More Modern

Whether you’ve just grown bored of your existing home decor, or if you’ve recently moved into a home in need of some attention, updating your home is likely only a few small changes away. Traditional decor is very appealing, particularly in old homes with period features, but before long, we end up yearning for something a little more modern. Before you gut the farmhouse kitchen and rip out the library, why not inject some modern elements into the design to give it a fresh new look. Here are five simple ways you can update the design of a traditionally designed home.

Hang contemporary art

Traditional architecture juxtaposed with contemporary art is a very popular interior design trend. Look for art work which has similar colours and tones to your existing decor to ensure it doesn’t clash. You can also update the frames and look for more contemporary ways to present your artwork.

Play with lines

When it comes to storing and presenting your books, it’s very traditional to stack them vertically, as you would in a library. Break up the lines of your bookshelves by playing with the lines and stacking a few horizontally as well as vertically. You can introduce other elements to your bookcases like ornaments, picture frames and other trinkets to break up the lines and make your books a focal point of the room.

book shelf design ideas

Add a pop of colour

Traditional kitchens often stick to a muted colour palette that people very quickly get bored of. By introducing a bold pop of colour to the space, it will instantly look more modern. This can be as simple as displaying brightly coloured crockery or updating the tiling with a pop of colour. Yellow is excellent for brightening up a space while mint green is calming while still bringing some energy to the space.

Add window shutters

Mixed influences is a great way to update the look of a modern home. Although plantation shutters are decidedly traditional, when paired with modern elements then are brought right up to date. When it comes to updating a traditional bedroom or living area, window shutters are ideal for creating an airy atmosphere, especially when paired with lush plants and clean white interiors.

Defy the traditional finishes

Door handles, drawer handles and light switch pull cords offer a great opportunity to bring some modern touches into your home. Taking a step away from the ordinary and choosing something a little less traditional and little more personal can help to update the look of your home. This works particularly well for a traditional bathroom in need of an update.

21st July, 2017