How to Make a Room Feel More Spacious

Living rooms and bedrooms can often become overcrowded with furniture, ornaments and other trinkets. If a room feels small and cluttered, it is difficult to relax and unwind in the space. Many city dwellers have become accustomed to these tight nooks and crannies, but these compact spaces can present a design challenge that can result in some impressive outcomes. There are certain design hacks that you can adopt to make the room seem more spacious airy and appealing.

Consider your colour scheme:

It’s well known that heavy wallpapers and deep colours can make a room seem much smaller. If you want to really maximise your space, then ditch the drab colours and switch the colour scheme for lighter, airy colours. Choosing colours such as egg-shell blue, white or even some pastel colours can make the room seem much brighter, as opposed to dingy darker colours. One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make when designing for a smaller room, is picking a patterned feature wall, or a feature wall with a darker colour. Having a feature wall will draw all of the attention to one focal point and can make it seem as though the room is closing in on you. For the best results, stick to one block colour and keep it light and bright!

Add light to the room:

Following on from the dark colouring, rooms that do not have much light can seem dingy and small. One of the best things to do is to swap out any heavy curtains for window blinds, as this will allow much more natural light to filter through. The key to making a room seem bigger, is to make it lighter and brighter. As well as this, adding lamps and soft, yet bright lighting into your room can help to make the space seem bigger.

Hidden storage and shelving:

This is an obvious one, but in order to make your space less cluttered, you need to remove some of the clutter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to remove the personal touches from the room, but rather that you should assess everything and make room for the most important trinkets and objects in your room. Having hidden storage is the perfect way to organise your possessions, keep the room tidy, and yet still have everything at your disposal. Hidden storage coffee tables and foot stools are some of the most favourable choices. Shelving is also a great way to add space to your room, as it allows you to add personal touches to your room, and still have a lot of space to move around and add furniture to.

Improve your home’s traffic flow:

Improving the traffic flow of your home can be achieved by rearranging your furniture until you feel that you can pass through the room with ease. Think of this as a combination of tetris and feng shui. Push your sofa to the back of the room, and place your cabinets and televisions in a way that is most aesthetically pleasing and logical. This may be a long and frustrating process, but it is also a satisfying one and can really help to make your room feel bigger.


28th August, 2017