How to Revamp your Conservatory

Before starting to update or renovate your conservatory space you should definitely look around at some of the fabulous fresh ideas that are available. There is no need for your conservatory to be a dull afterthought, it is important to use colours from the same palette for a look that reflects nature in it’s truest form, or be daring with bold and somewhat brazen colour for a scheme that screams look at me. Here are a few ideas that may help you revamp your conservatory if you are struggling for inspiration.

Create the perfect retreat with comfy relaxed seating:

Whether it’s a comfy corner sofa or stylish swing seat there are some amazing seats on offer for creating the perfect place to unwind and relax in comfort and style. If you don’t want update all of your seating accessories, cushions are a perfect way to start. Depending on the function of your room, many use their conservatory as a comfortable sanctuary to escape their busy everyday lives. If this is you then this is a great way to get creative and throw some new pillows into the mix. Also, some conservatories are a perfect excuse to cuddle up and get cosy and cosy cushions are the best to get yourself perfectly comfy.


Practice your french:

We’re not sure what it is, but the French are always getting the credit for creating chic and timeless classic interior design. If you want to perfect the ‘French’ look, then stick to minimal decoration and white-washed natural wood. Everyone knows this trend; think chateau retreat meets beach house chic.

Green envy:

A lot of the time, conservatories don’t need a complete interior overhaul to make things that bit fresher as this can be extremely expensive. So, to save yourself some money the easiest way to update your conservatory is by introducing some greenery. Who doesn’t feel happier and more cheerful when they see a beautiful bunch of flowers? They seem to instantly brighten a room and potted plant and indoor shrubs can have this effect too. You don’t need to go overboard and create your own jungle but adding a bit of greenery will certainly give your conservatory a bit of new life.

Liven up your windows:

Blinds can have a huge impact on the state of your conservatory, especially if they are visibly worn out and old. Keep the UV-rays out but the heat in. Conservatory blinds not only provide privacy but they also prevent your furniture from fading during those sunny days in spring. Simply replacing these can freshen up your whole conservatory making it look and feel brand new.


Make a Style statement with furniture:

A really good and easy way of revamping your conservatory is by adding subtle retro style. You can do this with a classic pod chair or similar piece of statement furniture. Modern pieces will instantly give your space more life, just make sure that they match and compliment your already existing colour scheme!


23rd August, 2017