Are Perfect Fit Blinds the Perfect Solution For You?

Perfect blinds are fast becoming the nation’s favourite choice for blinds. They are versatile and have the ability to transform any room in your home that needs a little bit of TLC. Perfect fit blinds are similar to normal blinds, but they are built into their own frames, and therefore require less effort, drilling and mess when installing. The result of this is neat, beautiful and has the ability to really finish any room.

How perfect fit blinds work:

Perfect fit blinds are very popular, especially for people who have UPVC windows anywhere in their homes. Usually, blinds are installed by drilling into window frames or surrounds and need to be lifted up or moved in order to open windows. This technique differs from perfect fit blinds, as they fit into the windows themselves and are held in place by the existing window bracket, which means less hassle, less mess when installing, and a neater finish. Perfect fit blinds were designed in 2007 and have revolutionised the way that blinds are installed, these are great as they can be installed in under a minute!

Selecting the best perfect fit blinds:

There are various different options of perfect fit blinds for you to choose from, which can be fitted to any window in your home. All of the pleated blinds are extremely fashionable and are the perfect way to modernise and spruce up a room that needs a little bit of TLC. This style is the perfect way to add a touch of class to your conservatory, and can be designed in a wide range of colours and patterns to really give your home that personal touch. Fabric blinds have a way of really brightening a room up, as they allow the light to filter through the material, to create a lovely warm glow within the room.

Whatever room you are looking to decorate, there is a style of blind that will perfectly fit into your style. Don’t be afraid to toy around with the idea of different types of blinds, such as venetian blinds, which give a mirrored, sparkly effect, or different patterns, styles and types of fabric, which are perfect for day and night. These styles help to create a certain aesthetic for your room and can really finish off the interior beautifully.


29th September, 2017