Reasons to Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Windows

Plantation shutters are becoming one of the biggest interior style trends of the year, which is going to continue for years to come. As more and more new-builds are appearing everywhere across the UK, plantation shutters are the best and most elegant solution for those small, symmetrical windows, but they also work in unison with unusual, old windows to give your home a light and airy feel. Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose plantation shutters for your windows,

The Suitability and Style of Plantation Shutters:

Plantation shutters suit any style of home and allow for the light to filter through to your rooms perfectly, without any obstruction. One of the best things about this style of shutter, is the fact that they suit any style of home, from period to modern. Casement windows in Edwardian and Victorian homes can appear to be much more prominent and a real focal point in your home with the right amount of light. Plantation shutters are smarter than blinds, and are much less fussy than curtains, as they filter the right amount of light into your home, and are also made to measure.

Practicality for Your Home:

Plantation shutters are very practical, as they require very little to no maintenance once installed. They also fit within the recess of the window, which means they are not obstructive and will always be out of the way. Additionally, plantation shutters do not have any cords, which makes them extra safe for children and a perfect choice for a children’s bedroom design.

Light Control:

The top and bottom halves of plantation shutters work independently, so you can have complete control over how much light and sunlight is being filtered into the room. This really helps you to get the best of both worlds all year round, in the Summer your plantation blinds can really help to provide protection against the sun’s harsh glare, and in the winter, you can allow more sunlight to be filtered into your room to help to brighten up the space.


18th September, 2017