Expert Decorating Tips for the Guest Room

If you have a spare room in your home, collecting dust and slowly becoming a storage space for all of your clutter, then why not put it to use and give it a little bit of a redecorate. Whenever you have guests coming to stay over, you want to make them feel welcome and for them to feel at home in your home. Giving your spare room a fresh coating of paint and making some simple changes to the decor and interior could really help to make a house a home. Here are some expert tips to help you to get the most out of your living situation.

Don’t clutter the room:

If you want your guest to feel at home, then you need to get out of the mindset of using your spare bedroom as a storeroom. What was once a place to store your exercise bike, has now become the laundry room, filled with miscellaneous trinkets. Nobody can truly relax or feel at home if they feel that they are living amongst somebody else’s clutter, so it’s important to make sure that you create a non-cluttered and peaceful environment. Remember to keep the trinkets and ornaments to a minimum, choosing neutral and unimposing decorations, such as flowers or picture frames. This will help your guest to feel more at ease and will give them the opportunity to make the room their own during their stay.

Give the room some character:

Going for minimal decoration does not mean that your guest room should be drab and boring. One of the easiest ways to add personality to your room is to pick a well-suited colour scheme. Colour is a powerful aspect of decorating a room and will set the overall theme and feel of the finished look. Using happy colours in your guest room, for example, using oranges, yellows and pinks can really help to set the tone of the room. Hotels and bed and breakfasts often use the “happy colour” technique in order to make sure that their guests have a pleasant stay, and if you adopt this technique, you will find that your guests will feel the same.

Give ample lighting:

Light and airy rooms are much more appealing and homely than dark and drab rooms. Having natural light filtering through the room will help your guests to feel much more at ease during their stay. Natural light and sunshine are known to be a mood enhancer, and will help your guest to acclimatise and feel welcome in your home, adding in some blinds to your living space can really help to bring more light into the room, whilst maintaining a level of privacy. As well as this, having a nightlight on the bedside table will help them to feel more welcome at bedtime.


24th November, 2017