How to Prepare your Conservatory for Winter

The Winter months are closing in on us and as we move towards the festive period, it’s time to start thinking about preparing our homes for the extreme weather conditions that may bring.  Conservatories are known for being temperamental rooms, and you have to be completely in control of the temperature if you want to be able to enjoy them all year round. As the temperature starts to drop, you will find that your conservatories harvest this cold and create an inhospitable environment. Here are a few tips for if you want to turn your conservatory into a cosy and relaxing room in your home.

Get your heating in check:

You will instantly feel the benefit of installing a radiator into your conservatory, and there are both permanent and temporary solutions for this. If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your heat problem, then getting a radiator installed is the best idea. If you are renting a home with a conservatory, or don’t see the benefit of having a radiator all year round, then investing in a plug-in room heater can really help to make a difference in the room temperature.

Install conservatory blinds:

Conservatories are known to magnify the weather conditions of the outside world. In the Summer it’s well known that conservatories can become unbearably stuffy and intensify the heat of the sun. In the Winter, conservatories can become uncomfortably cold, which is why they need added insulation as the temperatures begin to drop. During the Winter conservatories can become uninviting and unpleasant places to reside, especially in the evenings. Installing conservatory blinds can help to retain the heat in your conservatory.

Switch your roofing:

If you want a little bit of added warmth in your conservatory, then it might be time to think about installing a different kind of roofing. Sentinel solid roof is made of timber and therefore removes any chance of condensation building up. This roofing is also weatherproof as little as an hour after being installed, which is great for when those extreme Winter weather conditions start rolling in.


17th November, 2017