Different Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

If you’re looking for a way to keep your energy bills down and to reduce your carbon footprint, then there are simple changes that you can make in the home to help. There are simple changes that can be made that can help you to reduce your energy consumption around the home, which only require a little bit of awareness, and very little effort. Here are some of the simplest tips to help you on your way…

Wear the right clothing to conserve energy at home:

Wearing the right clothing indoors can help to keep your energy bills to a minimum. Instead of turning the heating up on a cold day, it’s wise to consider wearing thicker clothes made for the Winter months. This will help you to conserve energy at home, as you will not be unnecessarily using your heating systems.

Think about the lighting:

Using the right kind of lighting in your home will help you to cut down on your energy bills massively. Using energy saving bulbs are a great way to look after your home and to look after wallets, and if you only use them when you really need them, then this will be even better. During the daytime try to avoid using electric lighting and stick with natural lighting. Simply swapping your curtains for blinds is one of the different ways to conserve energy, as it will allow lots more natural lighting to be filtered through your home, whilst still maintaining a level of privacy.

Wash your clothes in cold water:

Washing your clothes in a lower temperature and cold water can save you around £100 every year in energy bills, so always make sure that you select the shortest and most appropriate washing cycles available.

Turn your devices off standby mode:

Did you know that your phone charger still wastes energy even when it’s not attached? Even when you think you have turned something off, your devices could actually be in standby mode, which means that you are wasting energy without even knowing it. Make sure that you turn off your devices at the plug socket to ensure that you are making the most out of your energy and saving money at the same time.


4th December, 2017