How to Spruce up Your Home in the New Year

Christmas is over and it’s time to start thinking about the new year. It’s time to pack away all of the festive decorations and trinkets that have filled your home for the past few weeks and have a fresh start. When the Christmas tree has gone and all of the decorations have been taken down everything looks a little bit bare and lifeless. Instead of allowing yourself to succumb to the January blues, why not focus your energy into sprucing up your home and making it feel less empty after Christmas. Here are some of our favourite tips for the perfect “new year new house” feeling.

Streamline your decor:

Decluttering is one of the best ways to welcome the new year into your home, as it gives you the space to fill your home with new trinkets and memories. Minimalism is known to be one of the most popular home decor choices so be as liberal or as sparing as you see fit. After you have taken down your decorations, try rearranging your furniture in a new and interesting way, removing anything that looks out of place or cluttered. This not only helps to make your home look really great, but a tidy house also means a tidy mind!

Let in the light:

It’s easy to fall into a January slump, allowing yourself to sink into the depths of your sofa, carrying on with the over-eating mentality and shutting the world out, but this has to stop eventually. Getting back into the swing of things is one of the biggest challenges that you can face, but having a well-lit living space can really help to keep you motivated. Open up your blinds and allow the natural light to filter through your body Get yourself out of the January slump by letting the natural lighting into your living space. Letting the light into your living space is the first step to a more motivated and more energetic you.

Add in some greenery:

Having plants in your home is essential for a number of reasons. Plants help to purify the air in our homes, as they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. This helps us to feel great all year round and means that a January slump will be nothing but a distant memory. As well as this, plants help to make your house a home. Plants are living things and surrounding yourself with living things can help to radiate healthy energy around your home.The best thing about bringing greenery into your home is that you have such a variety to choose from, that you can truly make your home your own.


5th January, 2018