Designer tips to Add Depth and Texture to Your Home

We are hurtling through 2018 and it may be time to stop and think about giving your home a spruce before Springtime is upon us. Call it pre Spring cleaning if you will. This will help you to see out the rest of the year with a more positive mindset.


Creating a cosy living space is also great for your wellbeing and will create a home that makes all of your guests jealous. If you’re big into your interior design, then you will know how important it is to bring depth and texture into your home. For those of you who aren’t as interior design savvy, depth and texture refers to the style, trinkets and interior extras that make your house a home. Here are some of our favourite designer tips to help you to accomplish your dream home.


Cushions never go out of style and create a much more homely living space with very minimal effort. Decorative pillows are one of the most simple, yet effective ways to add texture and depth into your home. One of the best things about choosing cushions is that there are so many different materials, colours and styles that you can introduce different patterns and styles into your home. As well as this, you can change the style of your cushions with ease and this can change the whole tone of the room.


Similar to cushions, throws can be used to add a splash of colour into a room with minimal effort. If you really want to turn your home into a style sensation then you will have to think about what you are looking to achieve with the overall aesthetic of the room. Adding textures throws to the back of chairs and rugs that coordinate can really help you to achieve the modern contemporary style which is timeless and beautiful.


The importance of good lighting in a room is often overlooked. Lighting has the ability to create a positive or sullen vibe in your room, so it’s important to work with the natural lighting that’s available to you and to think about how you can accomplish a better aesthetic and feel.


Be sure to select the right kind of window blinds that will enhance the natural lighting in your room. Once you have selected the right kind of blinds, it will be easier to see how many lamps and candles the room will need in order to create the right kind of cosy feel to it.

Accessories and wall decor:


Now that you have selected your cushions, throws and everything else, you need to now think about how you are going to make the room your own, filling it with trinkets, photos, clocks and everything in between.


One of the most beautiful interior design hacks is to have fresh cut flowers in the room. These can be used as a focal point in your room and can make for a beautiful finish to your new living space, which is teaming with depth and texture!


9th February, 2018