How to Maximise Natural Light in Your Home

Natural lighting is paramount to our wellbeing, without exposure to natural light we can begin to feel lethargic and gloomy. It’s important to create a light and airy space in your home as this will create an atmosphere of positivity.

Light filled homes are much more inviting for guests and are much better for your state of mind. If you want to redesign your home, here are some tips on how to create a light-filled space.

Track the sun:

The best way to bring the light into your home is to first try to understand it. Begin to track where the light filters through in your home at each part of the day, as this will help you to consciously design with the light in mind.

Following the sunlight can help you to feel uplifted and at peace in your home. Why not try eating your breakfast in an East facing room, as to capture the morning sunlight and then spending your evenings in a West facing room, to capture to sunset.

Making better use of existing natural light:

There are simple ways to make better use of natural light in your home, for example, mirrors are a great way of reflecting light and making a room feel bigger and brighter. Try positioning mirrors in different places around the room until you find the perfect spot that hits the sunlight just right.

As well as adding the mirrors, swapping curtains for blinds can make a huge difference. Curtains block out a lot of natural lighting and can make a room appear to be much smaller than it actually is, instead, try and swap your curtains for white venetian blinds. These types of blinds will really help the natural light to filter through your living space beautifully.

South or North facing rooms:

Typically, South facing rooms bring in a warmer-toned light to the room, whereas North-facing rooms bring in a blue-tone of light, which is much colder. Builders often associate South facing rooms with living rooms and family spaces, whereas North facing rooms are reserved for bathrooms and utility rooms.

Try positioning your furniture in a way that will get the most out of your natural lighting as this will create a much more peaceful home environment.

2nd February, 2018