Should I Choose Roman Blinds for my Windows?

Roman style blinds are a type of covering for windows made from soft fabric. Also, known as Roman Shades, they typically fold up even whilst being open and are visibly smooth when the blinds are down. They are a blind that opens and closes vertically, other blinds can be bumpy or ribbed whilst closed which gives the Roman style it’s a unique difference.

How Do They Open?

Commonly, roman blinds are opened with a cord mechanism, a continuous chain, or motorised. Whichever style of operation, all blinds have to conform to child safety standards these days. In the traditional design, a metal fixture is close by on the wall and you wrap and tighten the cord around it once you’re happy with the coverage.


The cords run all the way through the blinds on the window side, and horizontal stiffener rods are placed evenly through the blinds which give the style its smoothness whilst down and even stacks whilst up.

Why Choose Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are suitable for most rooms in the home, they master both complex and simple window dressing depending on what style takes to you. They can also be made with blackout lining, best for bedrooms to reduce light pollution and for a better night’s sleep.


Roman blinds are usually made with homely materials and designs which aren’t moisture resistant, bathroom and kitchen choices will need extra thought or assurance that the material picked is suitable. Polyester/ cotton blends are now available for humid rooms, the blend makes them easier to maintain and more durable. However, typically we would not recommend roman or soft fabric blinds in these more humid type rooms.

Roman Blinds really need to be custom made from the outset as they cannot be cut down like other types of blinds. The fabrics and designs require a lot of skill and accuracy to hand make but the finish is well worth it.

What Materials Suits Your Home?

As well as a large selection offered through blind companies, roman blinds can also be made out of any fabric of your choice very similar to curtains. If you’re looking for something with more design and detail then consider a border? All the soft materials to choose from with roman blinds offer the same smooth design that gives any rooms and homely finish.

Extra Tips

If you like the more traditional fabrics and patterns for roman blinds then make sure the blinds aren’t touching the glass or a tiled wall whilst they’re being installed. Constant contact with windows or tiles with moisture and condensation can damage the blinds and means they will require more care and cleaning.

Avoid buying silk blinds, they are unsuitable with contact to moisture and the constant contact with the sun will discolour the fabric. They may look nice in the beginning but it’s not a practical choice for the price of silk.


23rd February, 2018