How to Achieve the Boutique Hotel Feel in your Home

The feeling of walking into a boutique hotel room, with modern furnishings plush decor is unlike any other. The feeling of staying in a hotel is a luxury that can easily be achieved in your own home if you put your mind to it. Whether you are trying to sell your home quickly, or are trying to add a touch of luxury into your life, then why not start a DIY project and inject the boutique hotel feel into your home. This is a look that is achievable with any budget, it simply requires an eye for detail! Here are our top tips on how to achieve this look…


Soft furnishings are a must:


One of the best things about staying at a boutique hotel, is the plush pillows and duvets. Everybody should be able to experience that level of comfort in their own homes! We recommend investing in some plump pillows and plush throws and linen bed sheets. This will help to create the feel that you are staying in a boutique hotel every day. Experiment with different blends and textures to find the perfect look for your bedroom!

Monochrome is modern:


The monochrome colour palette is perfect for those of you who aren’t taken by bright colours and over-the-top patterns. A great look for a room is contrasting a crisp white canvass and bedding, against a charcoal grey colour, maybe adding charcoal grey blinds, chairs and even throws into the room. This is a timeless style and will not require much maintenance of changes in the future.

Contrasting features:


Whatever budget you are working with, there is a unique way to add detail and boutique style into your home. One of the most popular styles at the moment is having a bare stone wall, this really gives a studio-apartment upper east side feel to your home. All of the boutique hotels are doing it!

Choose shutters:


Now you have decided on the decor of your home, you need to finish this look by choosing the right blinds! Many boutique hotels have chosen to go with shutters, as they are neat, clean and timeless. If you would like to find out more, why not get in touch today!

13th March, 2018