The biggest interior design trends for SS18

Every year comes with new styles and trends, and it continues on the interior design front too. The changes can range from simple homeware accessories to a complete revamp for room interiors like seasonal colours that are now in fashion.

This year we’re continuing to keep in the loop of the Spring/Summer trends and provide some of the most popular looks to go for in 2018 to keep your designs well on track


Tropical Prints

It looks like the interior design is going for a bit of a Jumanji feel this year as the palm trees and bright coloured birds take the limelight in 2018. Vibrant tones of green and extravagant looking plants will be sure to make a statement in the living and dining room areas.

The bright colour schemes of this year are set to bring vibrant colour schemes with them. There’s no better way to bring out the Summer mood than a tropical vibe of colours like greens, blues and pinks.


Dark Woods

Out with the beige and light browns from last year as the darker woods take a step in the spotlight. It’s a bold look to compliment the brighter colours that are expected this year.

Dark tones of mahogany and oak will likely be the standard choice of woods for items such as bookcases and coffee tables. If you have a lot of dark wood in one space, your room will look quite small and drab, so it’s important to break up the darkness with lighter features. This will make your room seem much less lighter and airy. Many people opt for a lighter colour of INTU blinds to commend the lighter background wallpaper colours.


Bringing Outdoors In

We’ve had a cold winter where everyone would have most likely preferred to stay indoors, this year the outdoors are joining us inside for Spring/Summer. Slowly the furnishings that were once known to remain outdoors are obscuring the line between indoor and outdoor furniture.

Many designs now have a homely feel to it, allowing it to venture indoors as well as out. Have a sense of al-fresco dining as interiors designs adopt a garden style approach to pieces of furniture such as large dining tables, armchairs and indoor benches.


Warm, Earthy Colours

Continuing the trend of bringing the outdoors in, colour palettes this year go for a natural feel in a warmer sense. Colours such as terracotta and dark peaches are making the cut for being painted on the four walls of the room and through the carpets.

To complement the colour tones materials such as velvet and fabric are the preferred choice for any accessories such as armchairs and lamps.

23rd March, 2018