How To Coordinate Your Blinds With Your Interior Design

Decorating your home is always a fun way to experiment with something different. If you’re reinvigorating your living room or completely starting from scratch installing your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to add your special touch to your home whilst staying coordinated.


Choose your blinds

First and foremost, you need to decide what blinds work best to suit your lifestyle. Will you be opting for maximum privacy with blackout blinds or roller blinds? Leaving you able to get on with your day and shut out the rest of the world. Or, do you want to embrace the natural daylight? Perhaps your room doesn’t get much natural light, so the light it does get is important to salvage. In which case Facette blinds or Vertical blinds could work for you. These blinds are private enough so when they are fully shut you can’t see through, but they rotate enough to let a lot of natural light in when you’d like it.

Colour scheme

Once you’ve found the perfect blinds for you, you need to consider the colour scheme you’re aiming for. Planning your décor around your blinds is a great easy way to pick the colour scheme for your room. For a natural, light and airy feel then perhaps wooden blinds would work best for you. The wood colour offsets any textured rugs and a light shade of wood complements any other wooden furniture your may have. It’s always a good idea to stick with light neutral colour blinds; such as cream or pastel colours like blue or yellow. This is so any additions to the room such as a new sofa or wardrobe won’t clash with a darker, bolder colour.


What’s your focal point?

It’s a great idea to use blinds as the focal point in your room to base your designs around. However, often people prefer to have a patterned wallpaper or bold coloured sofa to set the tone for the room. If this is the case, then consider picking a colour out from the patterns in the sofa or wallpaper and then matching it to your blinds. This way your room looks coordinated, and the theme can flow throughout the room.


Make it right for you

Blinds are an integral part of every room, used in everyday life. They can often be used as a focal point for the interior design around them, so it’s important to choose the perfect blinds that are going to suit your lifestyle and look fabulous.


31st May, 2018