How to decorate your new home in style

When you move into your new home, the possibilities of what to do with it can be an endless process. Still, it is good to gain direction on how to style your new abode as it can be overwhelming with the abundance of ideas out there. You may face some challenges such as your ideas clashing and it can be problematic!


So, have no fear! We have some ideas to help you on how to decorate your new home.


Which colour theme


Deciding on a colour theme is a very important feature of your home. In fact, it is the first thing a visitor will notice when they visit your home, and it can affect the overall mood and atmosphere. So, it is best to choose your colours wisely first and then paint, and add the furniture later so it protects the furniture from paint too. For inspiration, you can always browse for stylish ideas on sites such as Pinterest or even start with your favourite colour!


Your furniture


After you have decided on the colour scheme and painted your walls, it is time to think about how to incorporate your furniture into your home. Start with the bigger items such as the sofa and kitchen table, then orientate it with small items as you go along. It is recommended that you should consider the size of the room before you integrate or order bigger furnitures, for example, you’ll need to beware of getting it through the doors, up the stairs, around corners and down hallways. This can be done by sketching out a rough idea of what you want, including the measurements, before you commit to the cost of ordering such items. So, choose the fabric and style carefully to avoid any clashing! You can opt for a simple and minimalist features for that endless style.


With big furnitures, you have to be wary of the amount of the space it takes up the room too. This means, you have to consider the placement of these items carefully as they can be the focal point around your home.


Decorative pieces


Now that you have finished adding your big furniture items, it is natural that you seek out smaller items to personalise your home even more. This can range from selecting the types of blinds to small coffee tables. These pieces can add character to your home, and you can orientate them as accordingly as you see fit. You can consider various artwork pieces in your house too to create that vintage or modern style as you see fit.


Adding lighting


It is easy to overlook lighting in the room and the issue is, it can affect the overall mood of the room. For some people, they do not want bright lights in the living room and may want something dimmer during the evening. So, consider investing in lamps or lighting with various light settings around your home depending on where the natural light sets in your home.


To ensure that your lighting feature is in style, you can personalise it further with the type of lampshades you wish to incorporate to go with your home. You may want something simple minimalist such as a plain neutral shade for that classic and endless look, or you can consider vintage style lampshades to go with the vintage or rustic theme which is also a classic theme to have in your home. This way, you can ensure your home will be stylish and personalised to you too!


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3rd June, 2018