Unique Bedroom Design Ideas For Your Home

For many people, their bedroom is a safe place. A tranquil room to relax and unwind after a long day at work. It can be tricky getting the balance right between a stunning interior design masterpiece and soulless show home. Your bedroom should be personal, completely tailored to you. So, here’s a look at unique bedroom design ideas for your home:



For a bedroom oozing glamour, think: velvet textures, fluffy carpets and metallics. If you have the room, opt for a large headboard as a statement for the room, this will help with symmetry too if your bed is in the centre. You can never have too much crushed velvet; for a boutique vibe nothing beats a sofa or chaise at the end of the bed. Lastly, to capture the epitome of glamour in your room, why not fit a chandelier shade over your light? There are many authentic shades you can find without having to invest in the real thing!



A contemporary bedroom revolves around optimum storage ideas. This is particularly crucial if you have a smaller bedroom and need to make the most of the space. Underbed storage is a fantastic idea, as well as installing a built-in wardrobe. Another main feature of contemporary bedrooms is the addition of natural elements, so embrace wood and greenery, giving it a more down to earth feel.



If you’re working with a smaller space, then using plenty of bright colours can make it look bigger, particularly if the room gets a lot of natural light. Mix patterns to make the most of the colourful trend, incorporating crisp whites with rugged textures. Stick to one or two main colours to keep it stylish and coordinated.



You’re most likely to see a traditional bedroom in an old country cottage. To bring that same essence to your home, choose classic furnishings and patterns. Dark wood is almost always a feature in traditional rooms, with the popular four poster beds taking centre stage. Add a luxurious dresser and bedside table to bring the look together. Tweed is still considered a timeless classic when used right, consider investing in a tweed throw or cushions for the finishing touches.



Minimalism is a trend that has taken over in the past few years. It revolves around making the most of the bare necessities. Add some minimalist style to your unique bedroom ideas by choosing a lighter colour pallet. Focus on whites, greys, creams and pastel colours. The key with minimalist is to keep it simple, besides your bed, you should only have a few other pieces of furniture.


29th July, 2018