Spare Room Design Ideas

If you have a spare room in your house, you may be guilty of leaving it a little unloved. It’s easy to neglect if you live a hectic everyday life. It may be an old room from when your kids headed off to university, it can sometimes even be hard coping with the changes, let alone coming up with design ideas! Fear not, we’re here with some amazing spare room design ideas, including changing its purpose entirely:


Vintage Feel

Step back in time with a vintage twist on your modern room, featuring lavish furnishings and delicate decorations. Why not transform the space into a relaxation room? With a comfortable velvet seating area complete with coffee table for chilling in after a long week. Decorations should be deep wood or brass to make the look as authentic as possible, adding character and depth to the space.



You may choose to keep the room as a bedroom for guests, in which case it can sometimes be beneficial to have a minimalistic room to suit all personal tastes. Play it safe with neutral colours and soft furnishings, keeping the linen and soft furnishings white or beige. It’s also worth investing in a comfortable bed and mattress if you regularly have guests staying over.


Bright And Bold

Go a little eccentric and play around with bold colours if you’re feeling daring. Have a feature wall and paint it a bright colour or use patterned wallpaper to make it pop. Complete with bright furniture and light woods to keep the room feeling bright and airy. Ensure you let plenty of light into the room to offset the outstanding colour scheme.


Transform The Room

If you want something different, you can completely change the rooms purpose, adding another dimension to your home. Why not try converting the unused room into your own personal library? Add some built in shelves to store your books and ornaments. Have a comfortable arm chair take centre stage in the room, along with a bright reading light. Alternatively, if you’re a fitness fanatic you could even transform the space into a home gym, complete with equipment and weights.

A common use for spare rooms is as a home office, with purpose built desk and equipment – ideal if working from home is an option for you. Start with soundproofing the space if you’ve got a noisy family around you, and make sure you get enough natural light in the room before you consider converting it. A dark and dreary home office doesn’t stimulate your work productivity! For blind options perfect for a home office, contact  our friendly team who will be happy to help.

30th August, 2018