A Bathroom Design Guide

Designing your bathroom should be an exciting and fun process, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. You have the opportunity to transform the room into a practical space for all the family. A bathroom, much like a kitchen, is a central hub of the home. So, it’s important that your bathroom looks fantastic. Here are some ways you can renovate your bathroom:

Utilising Space

Smaller bathrooms can leave you feeling cramped and on top of one another. However, there are ways you can approve the appearance of your small bathroom, making it feel larger and more spacious.

Many people who have a small bathroom to work with often find that transforming it into a wetroom is a more practical solution. A wetroom is a design whereby the floor effectively acts as the shower tray, often there is a slight dip in this part of the room to allow the water to flow down the drain without flooding your bathroom. It’s a contemporary bathroom design guide that has benefited those living in student accommodation or high-rise buildings which tend to have less room.

Moreover, consider your appliances carefully. Consider sinks and baths that are attached to the wall instead of free standing, as they take up less room. The appearance of a sink that’s secured to the wall with nothing connecting it to the ground also looks more stylish and sophisticated. Often, for those with less bathroom space, a 2-in-1 bath and shower works wonders when it comes to saving room. This also works well if you have a mirror running the full width of the bathroom with appliances below it. The mirror acts as an illusion whilst bouncing the light, so it feels brighter.

In addition, it’s always worth considering the natural light coming into the bathroom. Where most bathrooms have glass windows with a pattern or colour to help with privacy, it can limit the light being let in. It may be better to have a simple frosted window, but then with the addition of roller blinds so you have more control over the light coming in. Natural light can help tremendously with making the space seem larger.


Larger Bathrooms

Larger bathrooms can be easier to design in many ways, as you can come up with creative ideas to fill the space. You have the option of having separate bath and shower units, for example many prefer a freestanding bath – sometimes central of the room, with a larger shower to one corner of the room. This can look impressive and elegant, and creates a bathroom look many will envy.

You can add in shelves and additional storage units for convenience – which come in especially useful if you have a larger family. These can be longer storage units placed overhead to still make the most of the floor space, or sleek and stylish cupboards along the walls of your bathroom. You can also add a touch of glamour with more heating options, including a heated towel rack or underfloor heating. These may be expensive to fit initially but will cost less in the long run.


More Time at Home

Classic bathroom design guide interior décor has changed in recent years, with more creativity being brought to even the smallest of bathrooms. With the developments in technology, we’re spending more and more time in our homes than ever before. So, naturally, there has been more of an effort put into the way we decorate our homes. With just a few simple layout adjustments, you can convert your bathroom into a stylish and practical room that won’t cost a fortune.

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10th September, 2018