Winter Design Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom

With winter being just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start thinking ahead about winter design ideas for your bedroom. Create something warm and inviting to make it feel a little cosier before the weather turns. Winter is the perfect time of year for any interior design overhaul, as you’ll be spending more and more time indoors. Here’s a guide featuring winter design ideas that will work perfectly in your bedroom:


Add Texture

There’s something comforting about cosying up in a knitted blanket whilst the weather resembles a blizzard outside. Invest in extra throws, blankets and pillows varying in textures such as velvet, faux fur, cable knit – basically anything you’d like to wear in winter. This will help to create texture and depth, alluding to a cosier room suitable for hibernating.


Change the Lighting

Scatter light around the room to keep those winter blues away. Fairy lights always work well, particularly when fitted above your bed for a soothing starry night effect. Multiple light sources can add ambience to your room, so go one step further and have one or two lamps at either end of the room, and dot some candles around for the winter evenings. When it comes to natural light, make sure you’re making the most of what’s available with blinds that allow you to control and filter the light.


Introduce Neutrals

Lighter colours can lift the room up and make it feel less dreary during the winter months. Take some inspiration from minimalistic Scandinavian design and incorporate a few lighter colours such as white and neutral tones. Don’t let the white become overbearing, make sure you switch it up with a varied pallet. This is also perfect for merging with adding texture to the room.


Layer Up

Get warm this winter and layer up your bedroom design. Add a few more cushions to your bed and drape some throws across. If you’ve never had one before, consider a faux fur rug in your room to achieve ultimate winter cosiness. White rugs work well at bouncing light, making it feel bright and airy.


Greenery and Scents

Ignite your senses with the addition of delightful scents and beautiful greenery to your bedroom. Green plants in your room not only lift your mood but also help to keep the air clean – benefiting your overall health. You can keep low maintenance plants such as cacti or monstera if you think you may struggle! Light some candles, incense or essential oils to transform the space into a calming oasis.


Next Steps

Try to incorporate a few of these winter design ideas into your bedroom this season. Whether you want to add more texture or introduce greenery to your room, there are plenty of options when it comes to transforming your home in time for winter.

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3rd September, 2018