5 Autumn Interior Trends

Even though trends change, interior trends do so at a different pace. Some are popular year on year, whilst some are only around for a season or two. A lot of the key autumn interior trends for this year are offering ways for you to update already existing looks at home, rather than having to carry out a full redecoration project. So, here are the biggest autumn interior trends you should be looking out for this season.



Luxe has become huge in the interior trends world and designers cannot get enough of it. For this trend, minimalist lighting is at the forefront, whilst furniture with decorative and rounded Art Deco shapes is another key piece.


With luxury materials, including brass and velvet, all of these different components compliment one another beautifully. Key colours include gold, rose and ochre, which helps in bringing back the 30s cocktail hour vibes.


Country Woodlands

Country woodland is a big autumn interior trend this year and, like most years, incorporates colour hues such as bark, berries and brambles. This is the perfect look for autumn as it captures the change in seasons and natural colours.


When it comes to homeware, chunky knits are a huge trend. This huge interior trend is all about being warm and cosy and creating a home that encapsulates this. A key motif of this trend is the woodland hare, which can be seen featured on anything from bedding to dinnerware, so be prepared to include a few pieces with them on if you truly want to promote the trend.



This is a hugely underrated look which creates the biggest impact. If you’re looking to create a stylish and effortless decor style in your home, this is the trend to choose. To create depth, be sure to layer different textures and earthy colours to create an inviting space that you will want to escape the cold in.


Influenced by the Scandinavian way of life, white, sage and blush pink are the key colours and are often mixed with light woods to lighten up any room. This is the perfect style if you have smaller rooms.



Embracing natural wood, weaves and craftsmanship, this autumn interior trend is a continuation of summer, so if you’re already missing the sunshine, this is the style to get behind. All about the raw beauty and imperfect finishes, the modern interior trend is all about making the most natural of materials look effortless.


This is a trend which is set to be huge next year and is full of oatmeal, pale grey and charcoal black colours, alongside chunky knits and wicker furniture. When it comes to your windows, thick luxury curtains or plantation shutters will work well with this autumn interior trend, thanks to their modern and fashionable style.



The Nomad trend is full of globally-inspired patterns which welcome slightly more eccentric patterns. With a mixture of paisley and Indian style block prints as well as rich colour tones and textures, there is a lot of handcrafted style elements when it comes to this trend.


The big colours for this trend include spicy reds and burnt oranges, which are featured on everything from wall art to cushion pom-poms and tassels. The combination of warm colours and dreams of far-away travels are perfect for a cold autumn day.


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1st October, 2018