5 Of The Best Interior Design Trends

This year, interior design trends have taken a powerful shift from the gentle neutrals and plain pastels and are turning towards bolder and paired back themes.


With strong statement pieces, interior design is having a big shakeup and is slowly re-invigorating our homes with a new lease of bold life. Now is your chance to embrace some of the more “out-there” trends and put the plainness to one side. Here are 5 of the best interior design trends for you to embrace this year.


Dark Kitchens

With searches for navy blue and black kitchens up around 93% this year, it seems that the trend for darker kitchen cabinets is here to stay. Perhaps one of the biggest style trends to appear in modern kitchens, there are plenty of ways that you can style darker kitchen cupboards to suit the rest of your home.


Whether you prefer a matt or powdery finish, there are quite a few colours that you can choose from. Dark blue, which was once popular with the classic Shaker-style kitchens, is perfect for minimal and modern spaces. If you want to add some light furnishings to a darker coloured kitchen or want to be able to change the natural light that comes in, we recommend having some window blinds fitted.

Bring Nature Indoors

With such a huge focus on our environment, it’s easy to see why interior designs are taking on a much more eco-friendly approach. With this trend comes warm tones and natural elements, which can be added to any room in your home.


Materials that come from nature, or which mimic a more natural look, are perfect for making your space look more unique. As well as natural wood, you can also add in different stone materials, such as marble, and granite, which compliment earthy tones more naturally.


Industrial Bathrooms

Concrete is becoming an increasingly more common go-to material, especially for bathrooms. With its functional surface that also gives an industrial feel, it also makes a perfect choice for bathrooms thanks to its versatility and strength.


Thanks to the plainness of the concrete material, adding in stand-out finishing touches is fairly simple. Brass taps are another big trend and work perfectly with the dark concrete colour. They offer a warming contrast to the darker tones and add some welcome brightness.


The Breakfast Bar

Big in the 90s and early 00s, breakfast bars were once the staple of any kitchen space and provided a space for quick dining or preparing meals. But, as the desire for a more minimalist kitchen space took over, they’re slowly losing their appeal in modern kitchens.


Dining room furniture has now found its way into the heart of the kitchen, providing a place for entertaining guests in the middle of the action. Gone are the days of sitting around the kitchen island on bar stools, modern kitchens are now the hub of the home once more.



Clearly designers have been searching the skies for inspiration, and with heavenly results. From wallpaper to bedding, sophisticated zodiac and astronomy patterns are everywhere this year. With star-sprinkled plates, intergalactic worktop surfaces and cosmic tiles, everywhere can have a little stardust sprinkled over it.
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24th October, 2018