5 Tips For The Perfect Winter Home

With Autumn well and truly making way for winter and the cold weather fast approaching, now is the time to prepare our homes for the winter months. Our lifestyles change naturally with the seasons and so too should our homes.


It’s time to look forward to bright winter mornings and cosy nights in. In order to create the perfect winter home and make it as inviting and warm as possible, here are 5 tips that you should think about implementing to make your home as snug as possible.


Layers Of Texture

If you’re planning on redecorating this winter, then there is no better place to start than with texture and fabrics. Think velvet, chunky knitted blankets and subtle hints of brass or timber. Even just the addition of a few cushions can make a whole lot of difference when you are trying to create a space within your winter home to relax in during the evenings.


Hard Floors

If you have tile or hardwood floors, then rugs are a cost-effective and easy way to create a cosy home this winter. Not only are hardwood floors cold underfoot in the winter, but they also don’t retain in any heat. Unless you have underfloor heating, then a few rugs or two will help to keep the warmth in and provide more comfort.


Window Coverings

How you protect and cover your windows is a vital step in creating the perfect winter home. Your windows not only let in the cold, but they can become hard work in the winter with condensation and steam. Choosing the best window coverings will help provide an extra barrier of insulation and add an extra touch of style to your room.


If your windows are lacking in suitable window-coverings, then it’s time to invest in some new windows and blinds. Pick the coverings which best suit your needs and window style, for example, if you have high ceilings and windows, then some heavy, floor-length curtains are best, whereas conservatory windows will benefit best from some well-fitted conservatory blinds.


Colour Palette

During the summer months, we usually prefer a more simplistic and lighter decor to create the perfect summertime vibe. But, if you want to have the ultimate winter home, then it’s time to get rid of the whites and creams and introduce more warming tones, such as olive greens and blush pink. These colours will help to create a cost and warming winter home as a welcome retreat from the cold.


Outdoor Features

The colder seasons often mean that we celebrate more holidays that involve natural elements. Halloween and Christmas all include different focuses on nature and as we don’t get to spend much time outdoors during winter, now is time to bring the outdoors, in. Make nature the focus of your room with some themed winter decor – wreaths, dried orange hanging decorations or even a foliage floral display will all add an extra winter’s touch to your room.


29th October, 2018