A Guide To Children’s Playroom Interiors

When it comes to choosing a decorating theme for your children’s playroom, the more colourful and imaginative, the better. After all, the playroom is a safe play space for your children to learn and develop their imagination.


There are a few things that you should be thinking about when planning a playroom interior. You need to find a way to create a flexible space that is suitable for everyone’s needs and requirements. For some great inspiration when it comes to children’s playroom interiors, here are some tips and ideas to help with your design creation.


Open Up The Room

When it comes to playroom interiors, it’s best to utilise the floor space that you have available. Young children love having floor space for their imaginative play. Be sure to cover any hard floors with soft and colourful furnishings, such as a rug or carpet, to create a warm and inviting space that children will love spending time in.


If there are large windows in the room or a lot of natural light, be sure to invest in some quality curtains or window blinds so that you can block out any harsh light. All of our products are child safe as standard for your peace of mind.


Use Colours

Children respond to colours and patterns, so making sure that the room where they a likely to play and use their imagination is sure to give them something visually exciting to look at. Choose a bright focal colour and add in a few textured pieces in the same colour for children to explore. Brightly patterned rugs and blankets provide soft textures for children to sit on and make playtime even more interesting!



When planning a playroom, think about incorporating a workspace into the area. From teenage rooms to a newborn nursery, add in a designated space for colouring or homework. Ensure that there is plenty of surrounding storage for pencils, bits of paper and craft items so that you can keep supplies and stationery in an orderly fashion.


Workstations with shelves, cupboards and storage will provide your child with plenty of space to store their toys, games and craft materials. If you don’t have much room, utilise corner space and add in a table and chairs or flip down table.


Memorable Spaces

You want to create a space for your children that is not only welcoming but is also memorable. Display their artwork on the walls or create picture boards if you want to change them frequently and show them off. Make an area for them to create their masterpieces with the board in pride of place for when friends or family members visit. Children will love pegging their pieces to the board and showing them off next time you have visitors.


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8th October, 2018