5 Top tips for when you want to remodel your kitchen

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen totally or just make a few changes, something as simple as changing the cupboard doors, repainting the walls or using a blind as a feature can liven up and refresh your kitchen even on a budget. With Christmas fast approaching the kitchen will be a hive of activity and the most popular place at any social gathering. So if you’ve got dinner to cook or a drinks party during the festive season then now is the time to make sure your space works for you.

Cupboard Doors

Cupboard doors, of course, have a very important job to do in concealing what is behind them. The layout of your cupboards and what goes where can make a real difference to the usability of your kitchen.  An often used rule of thumb talks of a triangle from your kettle to your sink and your fridge. This is very important in most British households where tea drinking is the mainstay of most social activity. Accordingly, the location of your tea, coffee, sugar etc within the cupboards can make a real difference. If space is limited then consider lighter colours and choose gloss or glass surfaces for easy cleaning. If your walls are all the same colour then cupboard doors can provide a splash of colour and a modern twist.


Spotlights are perfect for when you’re cooking, they are clean and bright and lift the ceiling giving a sense of more space. However, in addition to this, consider some more homely lighting should you be entertaining in the kitchen. Under cupboard, lights are also a great addition to any space and can make a kitchen cosier and more inviting during the winter months.


If you’re looking for a quick fix rather than a total remodel of your kitchen then a feature blind is the perfect solution. Consider a roller blind in an easy to clean fabric. A blackout feature can be useful if your kitchen has a lot of direct sunlight. Use a pattern or a statement block colour if you have plain walls to create a modern and eye-catching feature.


Keep surfaces as clear as possible with select appliances as eye-catching features, matching bold colours work well if you have plain work surfaces. The lack of clutter will give the impression of a bigger space and really make these statement and necessary appliances stand out. If possible, conceal your microwave in a purpose designed cupboard. Also, keep infrequently used appliances hidden away when they are not being used.


Keep walls light in colour, especially in a small space. Painting a single wall in a different colour can work well but avoid patterns. Keep large wall areas simple and concentrate the patterns/statements to blinds, appliances, cupboards or work surfaces.

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12th November, 2018