Bedroom Furnishing Ideas to try this Winter

If you are looking for bedroom furnishing ideas then look no further. Find out below about our top tips that you might like to try this Winter. As we are now in the coldest season and approaching the Winter Solstice, the days are the shortest and temperatures are at their lowest. Read about some of our ideas to help you feel warm and cosy in the bedroom.


The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and is where we on average spend around a third of our time. Therefore, we need to ensure that it is right and some things to consider are:

•    The bed frame – is this is in keeping with the decor of the room? Does it provide extra storage if required? Does it support the mattress correctly?

•    The mattress – it is often recommended to change the mattress every 8-10 years and when doing so it can be a minefield choosing the right one for you. Comfort and support are vital so that you feel rested and rejuvenated after a night spent sleeping on it.

•    Pillows – there is a multitude of different pillow options available. Choose what is comfortable and supportive – choices include natural fillers such as feathers and down as well as synthetic fillers which can be anti-allergy or hypoallergenic.

•    Duvet – With a significant change in the temperature at this time of year, many people change to a Winter duvet to provide extra warmth and cosiness. It is important to be warm but not too hot.


Whatever storage you have, inevitably there is never enough of it! We recommend packing up some of your Summer wardrobe to make room for often bulkier Winter clothing. Keeping all of your outfits neatly tidied away will also make your bedroom feel a little bit bigger, particularly if your room is on the smaller side. If you have an ottoman bed, then take advantage of this extra storage space too.


When it comes to bedroom furnishing ideas then lighting is very important and can totally change the feel of a room. Bedside lamps with a muted lampshade help to create that cosy environment. Warm white light bulbs are recommended as they give off a much warmer hue and as well as creating that homely feel. Similar to how you may have a nightshift setting enabled on your mobile device, they are also much better before bedtime.

Window Dressing

When it’s cold outside you want to feel cosy and warm inside and as such the type of blind or curtain you have dressing your windows can make a real difference. Soft backed fabrics are best at creating this feel and therefore we would recommend either curtains or roman blinds. They also provide an extra layer of insulation and can reduce heat loss through your windows and trap any draughts. These come with a choice of linings and interlining, including blackout if required. Control options can also add a level of luxury, for example, why not stay in bed in the warm and open your blinds or curtains by remote control and ease yourself gently into the day ahead!

26th November, 2018