How to Ensure that You Have Pet Friendly Blinds

If you are reading this blog then you are obviously an animal lover and are taking your furry friends into consideration when you are looking to dress your windows with pet-friendly blinds. There are lots of different types of blinds available so you’ll always be able to find a solution, even if a little bit of compromise may be required. Around a third of all homes in the UK have pets and for those of us who do, they are most definitely part of the family. Below are a couple of our recommendations for our most popular pets.


Cats are naturally quite playful and enjoy using their paws to provide themselves with some fun and entertaining activities. Our top tip is to keep as many of the cords out of reach as possible to remove the temptation to play with them. Existing blinds; if you are simply wanting to make your existing blinds pet-friendly then there are a few easy things you can do. Move the cords out of the way, this could be as simple as tucking them out of reach and out of sight. You could also install a simple cord tidy device which will hold the cords tight and help to prevent them being played with and damaged. Also remember that if you have your windows open and there is a breeze then this will draw attention to any dangling cords, strings, or cables and make them super fun for your pets to play with.

New blinds; If you are changing your window blinds or window dressings then there are quite a few options available these days that don’t have cords. For example, our vertical blinds no longer have chains on the bottom and can be controlled with a wand. Our pleated perfect fit blinds have a tensioned cord which makes them both suitable for opening windows and for pets alike. Of course, there are the newer motorised options too that don’t have any operating cords at all.


Dogs are very energetic and curious and like to be involved and are very aware of their surroundings. This is both inside and outside the home. Many noises that come from outside are triggers to get curious and find out who and what is out there and your window blinds will simply pose as an obstacle. Therefore, durability and functionality are important as well as how you operate them.

Operating; if your VIP has a favourite window they enjoy looking out of, consider positioning your windows and blinds so that they are able to see out easily without having to move your blinds themselves, pushing past or using their teeth. Many dogs can also suffer from separation anxiety and watching you leave can be a stressful time for them. Some top tips include; not making a big fuss of your pets when you leave and arrive, creating a word that tells them you’ll be back, leave some clothing that smells of you or maybe leave the radio on in the background for some company.

Durability; pick good quality systems that are designed and tested to work well for many years under heavy use. These can be slightly more expensive but are worth it in the long run. Some types of blinds are also more suitable than others, shutters, for example, are very robust and easy to clean and can provide a suitable alternative for your pet-friendly blinds.

10th December, 2018