Is it Time to Change Your Blinds?

How do you know if it is time to change your blinds? Obviously, this is somewhat of an individual choice and can be the result of several influences. Do your existing blinds still fulfil your requirements? Do they work and operate as they should? Are you redecorating and in need of a different type of blind or do you just want to stay with the same style and update, change the colour and fabric? Whatever your reasons, here are some ideas to think about.

Existing blinds?

As is common with most products, blinds included, they evolve and change. Some products may become obsolete; therefore, it may be impossible for you to find an exact replica of the type you currently have, that is of course if you wanted to. Others will possibly have updated hardware or control options.

When we use the word hardware in relation to blinds, we are talking specifically about the non-fabric parts. To give an example, in the past, the majority of hardware was white and metal. Today there has been a definite move towards other materials and indeed other colours. One such colour that is extremely popular in anthracite grey. This could perhaps be described as the blind industry keeping up with the window manufacturers! Control options too have seen a real shift over the last few years, largely owing to new laws and improvements in technology. In the UK, the main legislative change has been the legal requirement for all blind companies to install products that are child safe. This is unfortunately due to several tragic fatalities from strangulation with control cords.

 Motorised blinds?

Improvements in technology have meant that motorised blinds are now becoming commonplace and more affordable. Add this to the fact that most of them are inherently child safe products too, and you get a real shift in demand. Advancement in battery technology is perhaps the one area that has really transformed this market. Previously, motors were noisy and needed some sort of power supply whether this was direct mains 240V or transformed. Running electrical cables into window reveals, chasing in, redecorating and employing the services of an electrician meant these motorised options were out of reach for the majority. Of course, with a battery, an electrician is not necessary and the batteries these days are rechargeable and much more affordable. Most window blinds can be motorised, so whichever type of blind you decide upon, find out about this method of operation.

New types of blinds

As well as improvements to the design, and control options of existing window coverings, alongside an ever-changing range and colour palette of fabrics, there are newcomers to the market increasing choice for our customers. Of course, you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel, and many of the classic and well-known styles will always be available. However, there is always space for innovation and with architects making full use of new materials to design modern light spaces with larger and different shaped windows, inevitably, at least for the time being, there will be a demand for blinds to reduce light and increase privacy.

One particular new blind which lends itself particularly well to modern developments is the perfect fit. This type of blind clips directly onto the window and is therefore extremely versatile and works on windows where nothing else will. However, if it is time to change your blinds, and you are looking for a wow factor, particularly on larger windows, then why not find out more about the latest Allusion blinds – Manufactured by us and brand new to the market!



4th December, 2018