Essential Hallway Designs for Small Houses

Let’s first consider what a hallway is? And why hallway designs for small houses are particularly important, we think essential. First of all, of course, every home is different and there are undoubtedly a fair few where a hallway doesn’t exist at all; I am imagining a style of terraced railway cottage where you enter straight into the living room. Others too will have a very different setup, entry not necessarily via a front door, or not one that is used perhaps. Therefore, to keep things simple, and for the purpose of this article, we will assume the conventional meaning of a hallway that the majority of homes have.

A hallway can normally be described as the first area, or room, you enter and is usually situated immediately behind, or adjacent to the front door. It is a space that yields to other rooms in your home, and almost certainly features a staircase leading to the first floor too. It is the space you will step into when you arrive home, the place you will welcome your guests, an area of transition from the outside to the inside. If you are limited in square footage, it can be a struggle to engineer a practical and suitable solution that covers all the key requirements, hence why proper hallway designs for small houses are so important.


Light can be one of the most challenging parts of the design process. You want your hallway to be light to open it up, make it feel welcoming, and to maximise the sense of space. However, a hallway that primarily leads to other rooms will quite possibly not have any stand-alone windows to the outside, other than the front door or to the side of the front door. So let’s make the most of this light, opting for a door with glass panels in it and maybe to the side of it too if there is space. You also, very importantly, want privacy and security too, so opt for frosted glass or maybe window blinds to balance these two necessary design specifications. In the case of blinds, owing to the long oblong shaped windows that are typical in these doors, perfect fit blinds are an excellent choice.


Long gone are the days where hallway furniture consisted of a telephone table and barometer that I remember was the staple of my grandparents’ home. Modern technology means we all use mobiles and many of us no longer have or use an old-fashioned house phone. Your considerations are probably somewhere to hang your coat and scarf, a place to take off your shoes, and this may suffice. We agree, our top tip to save space, forget the furniture. Instead, a bespoke radiator cover will provide you with a shelf for the post, a few decorative items, and an area for your shoe’s underneath. Most importantly, a nice big mirror on the wall will have the most noticeable effect on the space.


Furniture has evolved and there are some great options for small spaces with some companies even specialising entirely in this space-saving commodity.  So, if you do need storage then consider looking into one of these smart solutions which are readily available these days.


It can often be difficult to keep a hallway warm, lots of doors to different rooms and a front door that can be draughty. Rather than spending wasted money on heating bills, instead spend wisely on some proper insulation. Most DIY stores have a plethora of solutions that you can fit yourself and actually make a big difference. One other possibility to consider is some bespoke handmade curtains over the front door, something floor to ceiling a warm heavy fabric that is lined will give a cosy feel, aid privacy and stop those draughts getting past.

22nd January, 2019