Living Room Inspiration Ideas for The New Year

Happy New Year to all of our readers and customers. Here are some living room inspiration ideas to start off 2019 for you. For many of us, the living room, as the name suggests, is a room where we spend much of our time together as a family. Comfy seating, probably a television, a place to relax and unwind. The start of a year is an ideal opportunity to make some subtle changes which can give both a refreshed and different feel to this pivotal room in your home.


Declutter – this is our first living room inspiration idea. Over Christmas, there will undoubtedly be decorations erected all over your home for many of us. How many times have you noticed a stray decoration that you forgot to put away several months later? A room will often seem quite stark and empty after the tree, lights, and festive ornaments are packed away for another year. There are often lots of other extras that need to be removed and put away such as candles, bowls of chocolates and sweets, silly little gifts and presents that may or may not be used or wanted? Be methodical and thorough when decluttering and remember, sometimes it’s good to be ruthless. Recycle and give to charity unwanted and unused items and strip the room back to a neat and uncluttered starting point.


Refresh – this is our second living room inspiration idea. A good clean is essential and this in itself will create a fresh canvas and starting point. A proper wipe down of paintwork, skirting boards and windows will lift the room and make it brighter. Of course, there is always the option to add a fresh coat of paint if a deep clean doesn’t cut the mustard. If this is the case, take some time to do some proper preparation, cleaning and sanding the surfaces to be painted, if necessary and then applying masking tape and taking your time for a neat and accurate finish.

Fabrics can also be refreshed and cleaned. If your washing machine is big enough you can remove your cushion covers and give them a wash, some sofas and armchairs equally have removable covers too. If not, your local dry cleaners or laundrette will be able to assist. Nets, curtains, and blinds in some instances can also be cleaned though this will largely depend on the style. Check labels or cleaning instructions; some useful blind cleaning tips for some window blinds can be found here

Control Light

Maximise Light – this is our third living room inspiration idea, and perhaps one of the most important. Lighting, be it natural light coming from outside, or using the right mix and type of artificial lighting is vital to the overall feel and enjoyment of your living room. Things we recommend to bear in mind with regards to natural light are; consider privacy, are you overlooked or is your property empty at times. Consider glare, do you want to protect furnishings and carpet or are you watching television during the daytime? Consider light, would you like a decent amount of dim-out, perhaps a blackout fabric? Here is a brand new versatile product that achieves all of these things whilst looking stylish and modern; the Louvolite Allusion Blind for you to consider.

1st January, 2019