Our Favourite Bedroom Furnishing Ideas to Try

Here are some of our favourite bedroom furnishing ideas that you may like to try in the New Year. The average person will typically spend 8 hours a night sleeping, which is a third of the day and in fact a third of our lives asleep in our bedroom. Many of us spend several extra hours in this very important room when we are not asleep so your bedroom will undoubtedly be the most used room in your home. For this reason, it is essential that it is a place you enjoy being, suited to your taste and comfortable and warm.

The Bed

Given the fact above, your bed and indeed your mattress could be the most important piece of furniture you will ever own. It is recommended that you change your mattress every 7 to 10 years and with the huge variety of options available today it is best to test it out first for comfort and suitability. The firmness of the mattress you decide on may depend on which position you sleep in and whether you suffer from back or joint pain.

Aesthetically the bed frame needs to be in keeping with the overall decor of the room, a simple bed can be enhanced with a covered headboard in any fabric you choose. If you decide on a bed with a full frame then be mindful of any restrictions when sleeping, especially if you are tall.
Another easy and relatively cheap way to update the look of your bedroom furnishings is to change the bedding, you can even choose different shades or patterns depending on the season.

Bedside Tables

If you have space then bedside tables are convenient for all of those essential items such as a small lamp to make the room feel cosy just before bed or provide a good light if you like to read before you nod off. It is recommended that we keep any mobile devices away from us at night so as not to disturb our sleep but if you want your mobile phone nearby then maybe a bedside table with a lower shelf is a good idea to prevent any light or vibrations from waking you during the night and if you need to charge your device overnight then make sure there is a power point nearby. These storage areas can end up filled with junk so consider keeping them small and well organised but, of course, make sure there is space for that all important cup of tea for those lazy mornings in bed!


There are some ingenious storage solutions these days and one of the best storage areas can be underneath the bed. As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right bed is important when considering new bedroom furnishing ideas and a top tip is to choose one with built-in storage underneath as this allows you to store items that you don’t use regularly and it is a great place to keep big bulky items such as winter coats and boots that may not be needed once summer arrives.
For items that you need access to on a regular basis, there is a wide range of drawers and cupboards that you can easily assemble yourself or bespoke options that can be tailored to your individual needs.


The bedroom is somewhere it is great to have different lighting options. Brighter lights are great when you need waking up on those dark winter mornings but softer lighting is best at night to get you in the mood for sleep or to provide a more romantic setting.

Another thing we sometimes forget to take into consideration with bedroom furnishing ideas is natural light. During the summer, although the sunlight is welcome it can wake us up early and similarly prevent us sleeping at night so maybe consider which types of blinds will be suitable. A window blind with a blackout fabric may be necessary to ensure a good nights sleep. If you have bright street lights outside your bedroom window these can disturb sleep all year round and we have a range of perfect fit blinds that are ideal for cutting out unwanted light and can be complemented by curtains to maintain that homely feel.

8th January, 2019