5 Tranquil Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is where you spend a third of your life, and whilst most of that will be spent sleeping, these tranquil bedroom ideas are important for both winding down and getting to sleep in the first place. Obviously, these ideas are all open to interpretation and can be adapted based on personal choice and taste. So, if you are looking to create a tranquil bedroom for yourself, here are some of our tranquil bedroom ideas to consider.

 Colour Scheme

Avoid bold and bright colours as these will stimulate the brain, making it more difficult to get to sleep. In the same way, busy and bold patterns will have a similar effect and so should be avoided if possible. Instead, we recommend that you choose light and calming colours as this will not only relax you but will make your bedroom feel more airy and spacious.  Most DIY stores these days have an almost limitless array of colour swatches for you to choose from, mixing them on site while you wait. This means you can be truly individual and unique in your selection whether that is a shade of grey, blue, cream or green.  Light pastel shades and ‘hints of’ are among the most suitable.


Keep that clutter and mess tidied away and neat. The saying, out of sight – out of mind, may well apply here and before sleeping you don’t want to be reminded of the washing that needs to be done, the receipts you need to file away, or anything else that may stimulate your brain. Clever storage solutions, dependant on space available, will really help you achieve this. However, if it doesn’t, then a good clear out to get rid of all those items you no longer want or need is a good idea too.


Keep some of your favourite and comforting belongings nearby, be it that special happy photograph or a teddy bear that holds sentimental meaning to you. It’s all about reducing the stress of day to day life that we all live, and some familiar and comforting belongings that have a personal meaning to you are a good way of achieving this.  A smile and some happy thoughts before bedtime will hopefully lead to a peaceful and effective nights’ sleep.


Use warm light bulbs, not bright white, and opt for table lamps and up-lighters in place of spotlights or ceiling mounted lights. Also, consider the light from outside and how you control this. Properly installed window blinds or curtains are an essential requirement if you want to have natural light and proper sleep. Our bodies wake up naturally with daylight, therefore, at different times of the year, for us living in the UK, this will be either too late or much too early for the majority of us who have jobs and commitments. Blackout fabrics on roller blinds for those early mornings in the Summer will almost certainly give you those extra few hours sleep we all need.


Remove technology and anything related to the digital age that nowadays we seem to struggle to escape from. No television screens, computers, mobile phones, tablets, as all of these have been proven to disturb our sleeping patterns, especially when used within an hour or so of bedtime. Whether it is the bright light from our screens, an e-mail reminding us of something we need to do, or some other notification that has appeared, it will get your mind working which is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve with these tranquil bedroom ideas. Instead, we recommend a short time reading a chapter of a book or lights straight out.

3rd February, 2019