How To Choose The Best Blackout Blinds For Nursery Rooms

For all of us, getting the right amount of sleep is paramount to our wellbeing and health. This is particularly true for babies, infants and young children who are in a very high state of development and growth. These very young children are also very dependent and require a lot of nurturing and looking after which can, in turn, have a knock-on effect on the quality of our adult sleep too.

As adults, we use highly sophisticated channels of communication, notably language. Where this is not yet possible for babies and infants, many internal and external triggers will affect their sleeping patterns; daylight, hunger, temperature, comfort – to name but a few. As adults and with the huge responsibility for their wellbeing, we have it in our power to control some of these factors for them, 2 of which, temperature and daylight, we will discuss a bit further now.

UK Living

In the UK we have the advantage of seasons, which enrich our lives in many ways. The environment in which we live changes throughout the year;

•    Spring; blossom on the trees, the first new leaves and flowers starting to develop, the days start to get longer, many animals give birth to their young,

•    Summer; the warmest season of the year and the longest days, windows can stay open, the central heating is switched off, fruits ripen on the trees, typically people take some holidays,

•    Autumn; days start to draw in, most of our crops are harvested, leaves start to turn brown,

•    Winter; days are at their shortest, the weather is cold and we spend more time indoors.

Throughout these varied seasons of the year, our need for sleep in a modern lifestyle stays the same. We, therefore, need to control temperature and daylight effectively in order to achieve this.


One of the most effective ways of controlling daylight, particularly when you want to be sleeping, is through the application of the correct window coverings. The term, blackout blind, refers to a type of blind whereby the light is completely eliminated. Whilst this is possible with certain products, most notably zip blinds, this is not what we are referring to here. In fact, blackout blinds are nearly always dim-out blinds with a high degree of light control. This means that most of the light will be controlled but not all of it.

Types of Blinds

Each design, or type, of window blind, will have a different degree of dim-out which will also depend on the fabric chosen and the installation. So, which are the best blackout blinds for nursery rooms? Most importantly you want something that has a high level of dim-out, something that is fun for children in design and pattern, and essential and legal in terms of child safety. Below are 3 of our top recommendations for nursery rooms.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for a nursery room and come with a huge range of fabrics, including blackout fabrics. In fact, at Blind Technique, we have just started making children’s blinds with a brand new range of children’s fabrics from Louvolite in association with Disney, Starwars™ & Marvel. A roller blind is also clean, simple, modern and contemporary – it comes with a choice of control too. We recommend that this type of blind, when installed in a nursery, is controlled with a battery-powered motor and remote control. This method or operation means it is 100% child safe – not having any looped cords or chains, and it also keeps the controls away from little hands.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds fit by clipping into the glazing bars of your window and do not require any drilling or screwing. They each have their own frame and there is one blind required for each pane of glass. There are a few types of perfect fit blind available and these are; roller, pleated or Venetian. We manufacture all of these types of perfect fit blinds and all of them are child safe too, controlled by moving the blind itself or tilting using a control rod.


Plantation shutters are also a great choice as they are inherently child safe, will match the rest of your home is such a popular product, and control light very effectively with only small amounts of light ingested. In fact, you have the option of adding blackout pleated blinds behind your shutters for greater control of light in the Summer months too meaning you have a practical and stylish solution that looks great throughout your home.




18th February, 2019