How To Decorate A Small Attic Bathroom

Let’s start first by considering what a small attic bathroom is and what it may also be called. An attic is also known as a loft, therefore it is possibly part of a loft extension and almost certainly an ensuite. It may well be in the eaves and being small will probably only have a shower, not a bath. Space will almost certainly be limited so layout, storage and decoration are vital to maximising the area available. Take a look at our tips below to make the most of what you’ve got.


Consider the layout of this small space so that you can maximise its potential and end up with a practical and functional bathroom. As we mentioned above, if space is limited you will almost certainly not have room for a bath so choose the right bathroom suite for smaller spaces. Consider a shower cubicle with a bifold door or even a shower curtain to enable you to get in and out easily. Don’t forget access to plumbing and electrics is important when designing the layout of your bathroom.

Cupboards and shelves at awkward heights and angles can be dangerous and make this room feel cluttered. If you’ve got space elsewhere such as an airing cupboard or another bathroom then consider keeping bulkier items such as towels and bedding there and keep clutter to a minimum in this small space.


One of the most important considerations is how the doors and cupboards will open in this restricted area. Is there room for a door that opens inwards? If not, can they open outwards? If not, then sliding or bifold doors could be an option.

We have mentioned about keeping cupboards and shelves to a minimum but at the same time, we need somewhere to store toiletries and bathroom essentials to avoid making the area look cluttered. There are some great storage solutions available for small spaces such as having an all in one unit comprising of a sink, toilet and cupboard. This is a great way to save space whilst also having some handy storage space to keep surfaces clear and tidy.

If you have space, then vertical or corner storage can also be a great idea rather than horizontal shelves which can make a small space seem more enclosed.


Make your small attic bathroom feel bigger just by choosing the right decor. Keep walls light in colour and avoid bold patterns if possible. This doesn’t mean that your bathroom has to be boring, there is a wide range of paint colours and shades available which feel bright and airy whilst also adding a touch of colour. Another option is to use plain tiles with the odd splash of pattern or colour.

Mirrors help to create a feeling of additional space so opt for a wall mounted mirror if you can as this can be a relatively cheap and easy way to create a modern, spacious feel.

Glass shower doors or clear shower curtains can also help to open up the room, alternatively, there are also shower options available with no door at all.

In terms of lighting, spotlights are perfect for a small attic bathroom as they give a bright and modern feel to the room whilst taking up very little space, avoid wall mounted or hanging lights in a small space.


Lastly, an important point to note when considering a small attic bathroom is ventilation.

If you are lucky enough to have a window of any size then ventilation is less of an issue, however, you will probably want to have some sort of window covering for privacy. Consider a light, plain blind to help make the room feel more homely and add privacy. It is also important to choose the right types of blinds both in terms of the space it takes up and how well it resists moisture. Any fabric blind can be liable to mould in wet environments so a treated fabric is best. Our top choices for a bathroom are either a faux wood Venetian blinds or shutters made from a water-resistant material or coating.

If you don’t have windows, then consider the possibility of installing a Velux or roof window if there aren’t any planning or financial restrictions. If this isn’t possible then alternative ventilation such as an extractor is key to avoid moisture build-up and possible mould.





12th February, 2019