Why You Should Invest In Room Darkening Blinds

Are you just starting to notice the days getting a little bit longer? Or do you already have some effective room darkening blinds installed? The longer days are most likely a welcome change after the Winter and at the moment they are not sufficiently long as to affect our sleep pattern. However, over the next few weeks, as we approach the Spring Equinox in March, the clocks will go forward, and we will start to find ourselves waking up when it is already light, or as it starts to get light. This is particularly true for infants and children!


Sleep is Important

Everyone is different, and we all need the right amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can have a significant effect on our performance and also our health. Lack of sleep over a prolonged period can be quite dangerous, so managing this time well can make a big difference in how you feel. Some people need more than others, some people find getting to sleep a challenge, and some people struggle to get a decent night’s sleep without disturbance. If you do suffer from this then these days you are probably in the majority, hence these tips will hopefully help you get a better night’s sleep.



Our bodies take external triggers that help regulate our circadian rhythm. Light, and in particular natural light is one of those triggers. We think we should be awake when it is daylight, and asleep when it is dark. It is no coincidence that many animals hibernate in the Winter, and on the coldest and darkest of days, many of us may feel the same way too? Our tip is to, therefore, control light so that your body will naturally feel ready to sleep, and equally will stay asleep. Invest in some room darkening blinds so that you can block out the natural light when you need to and this, alongside the other tips below, should help.



Having some sort of routine is important, and there are two different types of routine that you should adopt. The first is to have a bedtime that works for you and try not to deviate too much either side of this. In the seasonal UK, this can be a little difficult with the very different day lengths we experience, however, if you invest in room darkening blinds, then you will be able to with no problem. The second is to be strict with your pre-bedtime routine. This means having a wind-down period and keeping away from a stimulus such as electronic devices. Perhaps reading a chapter of your book, having a bath, or some easy watching television.




Here are some of our recommendations for the best types of room darkening blinds. Consider the design of your window, and where blinds can be installed – or get some expert advice from your local blinds company. Many blinds are available with a blackout fabric or blackout lining, so picking one of these is a good start. Then consider the light that will still penetrate the room around the sides – hence best to get advice on installation. This is why we call them dim-out or darkening blinds and not blackout blinds, as there will always be some light ingestion unless you opt for a specific zip blackout blind which most of us do not need. Roller blinds are a great option for more modern and contemporary bedrooms; with hundreds of fabrics to choose from in colour and design that is perfect for you. Roman blinds with a blackout lining are another great choice for a bedroom and are typically more traditional and cosy by design. Whichever you decide upon, you will definitely appreciate the benefit of a better night’s sleep.

26th February, 2019