How To Create A Chic Living Room

In the modern world, we are trying to bring back the work-life balance, quality family time is important, and time entertaining friends is cherished. There has definitely been a move towards more open plan living areas with kitchens being top of the list, bi-fold doors, an island and a place that is less formal and family orientated. Alongside this, however, there is also the need and desire to create an adult haven, with a more formal and special décor. Chic in itself has the connotation, in our opinion, of elegance, perhaps traditional, and smart. Hence, here we discuss how to create a chic living room.

Keep it separate

To obtain the ultimate chic living room, it must be separate from the main living area or family area. This may be the open plan kitchen area that we discussed above, or it could be a separate family room, television room or snug. Equally, electronics need to be carefully balanced so keep laptops and work-related devices out of the way, and television must be tastefully installed or hidden if you have one at all in this room.  A stereo is perhaps the exception to the electronics rule and a tasteful and high-quality sound system to provide either background music or to indulge yourself will most certainly add a touch of class.



Chic is sophisticated and, as we mentioned, possibly more traditional. Therefore, it is important to strike the right balance of statement and elegance without being too bold or garish. Accent pieces can be the perfect solution whilst keeping the foundation more neutral. Fashion dictates colour palettes with an almost endless array of paint colours and wallpapers to chose from, the range can sometimes be too much. We believe that you can still create an impact with a neutral colour that is currently fashionable – greys are still very popular though a deviation from cream can equally be perfect. Plain walls are still winning the majority, though wallpaper, even if on only one wall, and obviously in the right design, can add to the depth and bring some timeless class.



Pick out some more traditional, possibly old-fashioned pieces. A bookcase, maybe a magazine rack, a drinks cabinet, a sideboard? You get the idea, indulgent and timeless, a treat in this chic room and something that will separate it from other rooms and your modern-day life. Comfortable seating is also paramount as well as the way it is positioned. Think about a comfortable armchair for time alone reading, or unwinding. Consider two sofas facing one another to create the perfect space for entertaining? Decide on side tables, a coffee table, a footrest or poof? Make sure they are well made and more formal in shape and comfort and add some expensive cushions in a contrasting texture and colour to provide the accent required.


Focal Point

A main focal point or focus to the room is essential. This could be a fireplace, a painting, or another work of art that draws attention and eyes. A fireplace can be both modern yet traditional at the same time. A period feature that is often a requirement for a home buyer and a harp back to the days before central heating and when the air in big towns was polluted and dirty. The actual fireplace, whilst maintaining its original purpose, can now be a gas, electric, display only, and modern and chic in design. A painting, or other pieces of art, can be whatever you want it to be, so many artists and styles to choose from and so much about the personal taste that I’ll leave this one there.


Controlling the light, adding privacy and dressing the windows is the final area for attention that we will discuss in the blog. Here, we really do think that traditional will offer the best option and we have a few suggestions. Either go for white plantation shutters, they are elegant, clean and timeless allowing total control of light and many years of enjoyment. We now have aluminium security shutters that are equally as stylish and beautiful yet offer that extra security that many of our customers will be looking for. Or go down our soft furnishing suggestion of curtains. These, as always, have a multitude of options alongside the main choice of fabric. We would suggest full length, lined and interlined and dressed on a classic pole.

In conclusion, creating a chic living room can be done in so many ways, personal taste has as much to do with it, however, we hope that a few of our own ideas and thoughts will help you as you undertake this project.



6th March, 2019