How to create a cosier living room in 5 easy steps

There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day at work and being able to relax in your home, but are you finding that your living room isn’t as inviting or cosy as it could be? Do you tend to head straight to your bedroom because you find it more comfortable and warmer? Well here are our 5 top tips to help you create your cosier and comfier living room.

STEP 1 – Declutter the room, declutter your mind

Spend some time decluttering. If your living room is full of odd bits and bobs that don’t really have a home, they could subconsciously be stopping you enjoying spending time in the room. A clear space is a clear head. The key is to keep things tidy and neat and this will make your living room much more inviting. If you have lots of things with not a lot of places to put them try replacing a coffee table with an ottoman, a great way to store things as well as still having a useable surface in the room!

STEP 2 – Do you need to redecorate?

Does the colour scheme in your living room make the room feel warm and tranquil? If not, it may be time to redecorate. Adding a two-tone colour to the room can help to add depth and warmth to a room if done correctly. Think about what colours you like and will they complement the size of the room? Cremes and whites can be perfect for this if you choose the right shade. Choosing a theme (such as a Nordic inspired room) or having a feature colour running throughout the room is also a great way to keep the space homely and together.

STEP 3 – Keep the heat in

Is the cool breeze through the room keeping you from relaxing and enjoying the space? It is crucial to have a well-insulated home, particularly in the winter months, so start by checking your windows, if they don’t fit correctly it may be time to replace them with double or even triple glazed windows. Add insulating blinds or curtains, these will help not only with keeping a draught at bay but also creating a running theme for your living room. If you live in an older property it may be worth getting a rug, to help cover any draught from below coming from any exposed floorboards.

STEP 4 – Add throws and cushions for warmth and depth

What better way to warm up a room than by adding blankets?! Not only do they provide actual heat and comfort, they add texture and depth to a room. Try chunky knit blankets or faux fur cushions or why not both? Creating layers is the way forward so try a variety of textures and fabrics, after all there is nothing better than cosying up in a nice big blanket with a cup of tea on a cold evening! Also as mentioned before; consider a rug – they can really bring a room together.

STEP 5 – Mood lighting for the win

There is truly nothing more relaxing than the soft glow provided by candlelight. Creating the perfect lighting is the key to a relaxing room. Place candles around the room, obviously where it is safe to, and reap the peacefully effects they have. Scented candles are a double win as having the relaxing glow of a candle as well as a soothing scent can create the ultimate tranquil living space. If you worry about an open flame or aren’t allowed candles in your home, you can now get battery operated ones which have the same effect!

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20th June, 2019