Conservatory Blinds

Technical Information

Blind Technique is based on an engineering background, and if you have any technical questions that aren’t answered here, in our FAQs, or Fabrics sections then please contact us via our online form. If you prefer to call us, the best person to help you is John Pink, although all staff have a working knowledge of how we make the blinds.

Our conservatory blinds are a technically advanced product: bespoke manufactured and engineered at our headquarters in the UK to withstand the large temperature variations between the summer and the winter, to resist the powerful UV rays from the sun, and oppose the constant force of gravity. Find out more information about our technically advanced fabrics here.

Manufacturing Process

  1. Our trained staff source the fabric you have chosen and carry out a meticulous manual inspection to ensure any possible flaws or blemishes are rejected.
  2. As there can be slight variations in different fabric batches, we hand make all your blinds from the same batch, keeping a sample for reference.
  3. Our pneumatic cutting machine is employed to cut each length of headrail (the hardware for your blinds) to the exact millimetre.
  4. Fabric is then precision cut for each individual blind in preparation for the assembly stage.
  5. Each blind is assembled by hand with attention to detail. For pleated blinds we use a figure-of-8 friction system so you can leave the blind effortlessly anywhere between fully open or closed.
  6. Complex roof blinds, including difficult and obtuse angles are meticulously measured to ensure angled perfection.
  7. Pleated shaped roof blinds are fitted with pleat equaliser to ensure an even spread of pleats.
  8. If you decide on motorisation, advanced Somfy motors are inserted into each remote control blind and tested for performance.
  9. Each completed blind is cross checked and signed off by the person that made it and the team leader.
  10. Your Conservatory Blinds are now ready for fitting.
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