Conservatory Roof Blinds

At Blind Technique we specialise in the following types of roof blinds:

  • Conservatory Roof Blinds
  • Blinds for Roof Lanterns
  • Blinds for Skylight Windows
  • Plus other Bespoke Options

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Roof blinds for conservatories are an essential addition that will allow you to use this room all year round. Very often, our prospective customers are not maximising the use of this space because of a temperature issue, being too hot or too cold, or a lack or privacy - particularly at night. Installing roof blinds has many advantages, the most prominent and often necessary of which is keeping you cool in the summer. In the UK, if your garden is facing any other direction than due North the temperature in the conservatory can become unbearably hot from Easter time through to Autumn. Other solutions such as fans, open windows, or air conditioning are respectively ineffective, a security issue, or very expensive. By choosing a high-tec fabric specifically designed for purpose, you will achieve an easy, long lasting and effective temperature controlling solution.

Conservatory Roof Blinds in London

In our local area of London and in other built up areas, roof blinds will also help maintain your privacy. Particularly if upstairs flats or nearby neighbours are able to look down on you from their first or higher floor windows. At night in particular they will transfrom your room and provide additional perceived security by concealing your possessions from opportunists.

Roof Blinds for conservatories also control light and heat very effectively. On sunny days, opening just one will let in a huge amount of light and at the same time still provide shading and cooling. Things that were previously impossible such as reading, or watching a computer or tv screen are made possible through roof blinds. Additionally, in contrast to keeping you cool in the Summer, our range of energy saving high-tec fabrics prevent heat loss in Winter, saving you energy and hence saving you money. These special fabrics are available in the following ranges; pleated conservatory blinds, and roller conservatory blinds.

Motorised Roof Blinds

As the cost of technology decreases, motorisation is now a realistic and affordable proposition for many. Allowing hands free operation from the comfort of your own chair, in zones, altogether or individually as you wish. These blinds all require a mains electrical supply at the moment. Now-a-days, window blinds can be battery powered at limited sizes. As technology improves maybe we should watch this space read how modern batteries and solar powered charging are changing the way we motorise.

Conservatory Roof Blinds The Advantages

  • Provide privacy whilst still allowing maximum light
  • Solar protection from harsh sun rays for your furniture, plants and pets
  • Controls the temperature keeping you cool in Summer
  • Saves you energy and hence money through reduced heat loss in Winter
  • Excellent light control making reading or watching screens possible
  • Better security, keeping your possessions hidden from opportunists
  • Finishes your room, adding roof blinds to decorate to your taste; cosy, contemporary, practical...

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