Conservatory Window Blinds

Window Blinds for conservatories are, as you may expect, the same as those that are available for any other window in your home. The difference is mainly in suitability, there are certain types and styles that are more suited than others, as there are also those that have been specifically designed with your conservatory in mind. The choice is largely personal and will depend on your requirements, as well as your own personal taste. In these glass extensions, one of the considerations is whether you are deciding on blinds for your window only, or trying to coordinate and install with roof ones too. The most popular and most practical types are:

Blind Technique supply are also a trade supplier to many other companies in the industry as we acutually manufacture ourselves by hand at our factory in London. We also specialise in supplying direct to our retail customers within a wide catchment area covering most of the home counties to the North and West of London as well as most of London itself. A fully qualified sales person/surveyor will ensure that your exacting requirements are passed on to the manufacturing team guaranteeing a top quality product. With 35 years experience in the industry, and the last 25 years or so concentrating and specialising in Conservatory Window Blinds, we aim to provide all our customers the very best quality and service based on our vast experience.

Conservatory Window Blinds The Advantages

If you consider your type of conservatory, the direction it faces, the proximity to your neighbours, what you use it for and the blinds styles you prefer, then we will be able to guide and advise you on the type that would be most suitable for you. In London and in built up areas you may require the privacy option that is afforded. If your garden is South facing with exposure to the sun, our technical fabrics will keep you cool and protect furniture and plants from sun damage. If you are using this sun room for dining, you will perhaps require a more decorative solution. And if you use your conservatory all year round, our energy saving fabrics will reduce heat loss in the summer. In summary the advantages are:

  • Provide privacy whilst still allowing you to control light,
  • Solar protection from harsh sun rays for your furniture, plants and pets,
  • Controls the temperature keeping you cool in Summer
  • Saves you energy and hence money through reduced heat loss in Winter
  • Better security, keeping your possessions hidden from opportunists
  • Finishes the room, decorating to your personal taste; cosy, contemporary, practical...

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