Pleated Conservatory Blinds

If you are looking for a neat, modern and versatile solution then look no further. These blinds offer a fashionable modern look and are suitable for all styles and types of conservatory. Each one is made according to our survey and can fit the most intricate and complicated shape windows. Blind Technique manufactures all of these products by hand in the UK and it is this accuracy of manufacture and quality of installation that gives you perfect results every time. You can choose from a wide range of shades, colours and patterns that are available in a beautiful range of fabrics, including our technically advanced fabrics from our main suppliers, Louvolite, Eclipse, & Amo.

Our handcrafted pleated conservatory blinds are manufactured using a figure of eight friction system which means that they can be placed in any position from fully open to fully closed and stay there without any cables, cords or ties. This gives you ultimate control of the sunlight entering your room and the ability to create many interesting light effects. Amazingly, by opening just one you allow in a large amount of light and at the same time benefit from the solar shading that the others provide, keeping you cool in the Summer.

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The Range from Blind Technique

Blind Technique manufactures all pleated blinds in our factory in Eastcote (NW London). We will be delighted to demonstrate how they work in our showroom and if you are interested show you around the factory too. Equally we are always happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience when we will visit your in your home. This way we can advise you on the best solution for your conservatory, skylight, orangerie, garden or sunroom. Each of our sales staff has first hand knowledge of the manufacturing process and has spent time manufacturing these blinds in our London based factory. They will be happy to give you a demonstration and to explain the operation as well as our full range of fabrics. The sales staff will also carry their iPad with them, and using out bespoke software they are able to prepare quotations that can be shown and e-mailed to you immediately during the appointment.

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