INTU Blinds

Our INTU Blinds come with an innovative no-drill blind system which allows you to instantly update your home. Rather than hanging over the windows like traditional blind styles, INTU blinds use a clever tension system to fit into the window beading that comes with most modern UPVC windows and glazed doors.

This non-drill blinds design means that you can quickly update the look of any room in your home without messy drilling. What’s more, INTU blinds also come with a range of innovative features which makes them both adaptable and safe. They are suitable for most turn and tilt windows and glazed doors thanks to the flush design which then stops the blind from rattling against the glass. This means that you can easily operate window and door handles with the blinds open and closed, and gaps that let in light are minimised.

INTU Blinds - non drill blinds


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All of the blinds in our INTU range feature a non-drill, no screw installation system. This means that they can be fitted and removed in seconds. INTU blinds are easy to open and close by hand, so they’re much safer than blinds which feature a hanging cord. Without the free hanging cord loops that are traditionally seen on blinds, they are better for family homes and children’s bedrooms. They are extremely versatile and come in a range of patterns and colours, with an added blackout option also available.

Advantages of Non Drill Blinds

  • Protect warranty on your windows with no drill blinds
  • Seamless part of your conservatory, window or door
  • Child safe with no long dangling looped cords - Find out more...
  • Clutter free window seals
  • Easy to remove for cleaning, perfect for conservatories
  • Controls sunlight, enhances privacy and improves insulation.

Increased Control and Privacy

The INTU cellular and pleated systems provide a flexible multi-zone option, so you have even greater control over privacy and light. These blinds have 2 moveable headrails, with one at the top and one at the bottom, which means that you are able to open the blinds from both ends. INTU blinds can be set to the exact position that you would like so that you can provide shade from direct sunlight whilst still allowing light into the room. Find out more about INTU multizone in the INTU brochure.

INTU Conservatory Blinds

These blinds are ideal for conservatory windows and are a very popular choice. Our INTU cellular blinds are perfect for conservatories as the unique design traps air within the “honeycomb cell”, which keeps the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They create a diffused, soft light which helps to create a relaxing and calm environment.

Why Choose Blind Technique

We have non-drill blinds on display in our London-based showroom which we are happy to demonstrate for you at any time. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment for us to come to your home at a time which is convenient for you. Our team will visit your home and answer any questions you have, whilst also providing a quotation on the spot using our bespoke software and iPads. We can even email the PDF to you before we leave, giving you time to decide if INTU blinds are right for you.

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