Patio Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas provide you with an excellent sunshade or shelter allowing you to make the most of outdoor living. Designed and tested to withstand the sometimes harsh British climate, a large umbrella is the natural choice for many cafés, pubs and restaurants as well as private gardens and patios. Starting at 3 metres (10 feet) width, up to a giant 10 metres (33 feet), there is a size to fit any space. Additionally we offer you a choice of 4 shapes: square, rectangular, octagon (8 sided) or dodecagon (12 sided).

Garden Umbrella Specifications

  • Up to 10m width in a single umbrella
  • All moving axes fitted with bolts, technology that ensures maximum stability
  • Domestic & commercial applications, stainless steel components for durability
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated framework and cover provided
  • Hand crank operated - wind tested to 50km/h opening and closing
  • Robust central rods to prevent spokes from twisting
  • Sign write your company logo or message

Outdoor Umbrella Extras

  • Built in flush LED lighting and electric quartz patio heaters
  • Colour co-ordinated hardware to any RAL colour
  • Complimentary Cover FREE with every Umbrella
  • Sign writing - put a unique logo or message onto any of the awning products.

Umbrella Fabrics

All our fabrics are fully protected and waterproofed. There is a great choice and something that will meet everyone's expectations.
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All components are thoroughly tested, including gaining both CE and TÜV approval. By using the very best materials we can ensure that all our products have a long service life, even in extreme weather conditions. All models can be operated manually or electrically and can be equipped with wireless Sun & Wind Sensors, LED Lighting and remote controlled Tungsten Patio Heaters. In-house signage is available to our commercial client's precise specifications.

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