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When choosing new window blinds, there are many things to consider including which style, material, fabric, shade and colour. At Blind Technique, we offer a complete range and we can help you decide on the best solution for you. In a free consultation our advisors will listen to what you like and what you would like to achieve and will then suggest products that are both suitable for your installation and meet your requirements. Once the style of window blinds is decided then there will be a huge variety of fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from. To arrange a no -obligation consultation please contact us, or visit our showroom.

Window Blinds Options

  • Upgrade many of our window blinds with a pelmet or cassette for a designer touch!
  • Custom colour the hardware, that's the tracks and brackets etc, to match any colour scheme.
  • Why not go for a motorised option? Affordable battery powered remote control now available which means easy installation with no wiring required.
  • Choose from a huge variety of fabrics in a range of colours and patterns each with differing properties to suit your requirements.
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Window Blinds by Blind Technique


Motorised Window Blinds

Blinds can be fitted to all styles of windows, doors, or openings at your home or office. We offer a full range of motorised solutions that are suitable for most types of window blinds. Battery motorised blinds have become much more affordable and accessible meaning that you can power your blinds remotely without having to do any wiring or providing a mains power supply. This opens up the possibility to nearly every blind and every window. One of our advisors will give you more information on our Louvolite and Somfy power options. Find out more...

Luxaflex® Window Blinds

Blind Technique are proud to be a select dealer for Luxaflex window blinds. This range offers a few types that are unique to Luxaflex, such as the Facette Shades and the Silhouette Blinds. Often seen as the blinds of choice for designers, this range embraces high quality mechanisms, modern controls, the best materials and innovative new products. These blinds are of a higher specification than our standard range, and are the same top end range as found in John Lewis department stores.

Standard Window Blinds

Our standard range uses good quality materials, robust mechanisms and a good choice of fabrics and materials that offer a range that is both practical and good value. All of these window blinds have a variety of options for controlling them and fitting them, as well as the fabric, material and colour options.

The Advantages of window blinds

The advantages of window blinds include shading, privacy, control of light & heat, blackout, décor and window dressing. Additionally we have high specification fabrics for our roller blinds and pleated blinds that will keep you cool in the summer and prevent heat loss in the winter. Blind Technique has fabrics particularly suited for your bathroom or kitchen, blackout fabric blinds for your bedroom, the latest contemporary styles for your lounge or dining room, and light control and privacy for your studies and ground floor windows. Additionally, many of these blinds can be motorised - click here for more information.

Our team will be able to find window blinds that are suitable for every room and every window in every home and every office, in a style, pattern or colour that is perfect for you. For further information please select the type of window blind you are interested in below. Our showroom in Eastcote, Middlesex, NW London, has all the many types of window blind on display and we will be delighted to welcome you soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose from so many styles of window blinds? That is where we are able to help. Certain styles of blinds are suited moreso to certain types and sizes of window. We have a lot of experience of what works well and will be happy to talk you through the options. Each job is unique and we aim to find the perfect solution for you.

How long does fitting take? This will depend on the number and type of products you have. As a very rough guide, if you allow around 20-30 minutes per blind or shutter this will give an approximation. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the level of the window.

Can I fit them myself? In theory yes you can, depending on the product and your own level of experience. We do however recommend a proper survey and install by ourselves especially for more complex products.

Are my window blinds guaranteed!? All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

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