Wooden Venetian Blinds

This type of blind has become extremely popular over the last few years, moving from a timeless classic to a modern and contemporary 'must-have' to complement today's interior design trends. Blind Technique has a carefully selected range of natural wood shades; choose from dark wood to lighter stains and painted colours. Depending which style and colour you opt for they will be available in several of 4 slat widths, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm or 63mm. Bigger windows tend to favour a wider slat and vice versa, though the choice is largely personal.

Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Modern contemporary and fashionable
  • Light filtering to reduce glare and give privacy
  • Easy to use with a choice of control options
  • Available with either Cord or Tape
  • Options to fit either inside or outside recess, and suitable for bay windows
  • Made to Measure
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The design of the Venetian blind enables you to easily filter or close out the light by tilting the horizontal slats, as well as open it fully to achieve maximum sunlight. This advantage makes it a versatile option suited equally for living areaas, bedrooms a home office or study. The renaissance of the highly fashionable wooden venetian blind has made it a favourite and we have installed them in every possible room in your home. If you like this style then perhaps upgrading to plantation shutters is another option for you to consider.

Wooden Venetian Blinds Our Standard Range

Our standard range of wooden venetian blinds is manufactured from real wood in standard sizes and then cut down to the exact size of your window. There are many different manufacturers and levels of quality on the market and our standard range of wooden venetian blinds are at the top end of this range with a robust operating mechanism and qualtiy wood giving an elegant finished product. A choice of slat sizes are available in a range of painted and stained colours, you can normally choose the orientation of your control cords and you can add tapes in a choice of colours to give the blind a more sophisticated look.

Expressions The Wood Effect Range

The latest addition to our range are the newer composite wood effect blinds. Also available in a varity of colours and slat sizes these imitation wooden venetian blinds are high quality and impressive to see. At a distance you would have trouble to tell them apart from the real wood equivalent. The advantage and indeed reason for these blinds is that wood, as a natural product, is not always suited to every environment. In wet or humid conditions such as your bathroom it can warp and deteriorate, whereas these specially designed composite equivalents are waterproof and easy to clean and maintain. At a slightly lower price point than the real wood equivalent, customers are often choosing our Expressions imitation wooden venetian blinds as an alternative for any room.

Pure Wood Top of the Range

Our top of the range wooden venetian blinds are truly made to measure. The newly designed control mechanism is top notch and boasts full control with very high quality components. The wood is of a higher quality and these blinds are hand finished to exacting standards. Unlike the cut down standard range, the edges are always smooth and hand finished, the controls are precisely set equal distance from each side and you therefore achieve a top class uniform look. However, at a price point that is somewhat higher that our standard and expressions ranges, many customers who would have chosen this product several years ago now choose plantation shutters.

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Wooden venetian Blinds - FAQs

Do you offer installation? Yes we do and we provide this service for nearly all of our customers. Our fit teams are fully trained and experts in all aspects of installation.

Should I chose real wood or faux wood? It is a personal choice, however there are a few things to consider. For damp or wet rooms, mostly bathrooms and kitchens, the faux-wood is the correct choice. If on a budget, faux-wood venetian blinds are slightly more competitive too. If you want a stained wood then it obviously has to be real wood, although our faux-wood also has a faux-grain! Come and see our samples!

Are they guaranteed!? All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

What colours are popular? Similar to plantation shutters, painted colours are especially popular at the moment. In particular whites and shades of grey are being installed far more frequently than the previously popular stained options. These light colours, particularly white, are very effective at reflecting light back thus brightening the room and the decor.

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Our sales team carry with them samples of the different slats and colours available so why not book an appointment for a free consultation today? We also have some wooden venetian blind display models in our showroom and some pictures in our gallery and on social media of our recent installations.