Wood Weave (Pinoleum)

Wood Weave (Pinoleum) Blinds are becoming more and more popular. They give a fashionable yet traditional look that adds a touch of nature to your conservatory or window. Wood Weave blinds are similar in style to Roman blinds however, instead of using soft fabrics, natural fibres are carefully woven together in a variety of styles. Blind Technique make every Wood Weave (Pinoleum) blind by hand and it is this accuracy of manufacture and quality of installation that gives you perfect results every time. You can choose from a wide range of wood weave fabrics from renewable sources including jute, bamboo, sea grass and poplar wood, some with plain, others with intricate stitching finished off with webbing of your choice.

Woodweave Blinds
  • Natural warmth during winter
  • Gentle diffused sun-light in the summer
  • Choice of woods, shades, styles and finishes
  • Stylishly modern with a traditional edge

The result is a range of truly unique products, with each wood weave blind having its own individual characteristics that match your requirements and complement your décor.

Wood Weave (Pinoleum) Blinds are particularly suited for natural style conservatories, creating a relaxing ambiance through the gentle filtered light of the roof blinds and side blinds. As Blind Technique makes all these Wood Weave blinds in our factory in Eastcote, Ruislip, Middlesex (NW London), we will be delighted to demonstrate how they work in our showroom and if you are interested show you around the factory too. Please contact us for further information.

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