Allusion Blinds - New!

Allusion blinds are the beautiful new type of blind from Louvolite - a unique window dressing for the modern home. The Allusion can be described as a cross between a vertical blind, a curtain, and a voile, giving you a unique new product that is particularly suitable for larger windows, bi-folding doors, and patio doors.


There are 2 stunning ranges of fabric available in a colour palette that is both modern and sophisticated.

  • Horizon - is a sheer and textured woven combination in neutral, calming tones.
  • Vista - is a flame retardant range with a subtle, geo wave combined with a sophisticated sheer.

Choose your view

The Allusion gives you total control over your view and privacy with 3 control positions.

  • Full view - the blind is fully opened with the soft vanes slid to give a fully open and unobstructed view.
  • Daytime view with privacy - Control vanes into the open position and enjoy a partial view with privacy, ideal for daytime.
  • Total privacy - Rotate the vanes to the closed position to enjoy total privacy, ideal for nightime.
Motorised Blinds

This page is currently still under construction and will be completed soon. In the meanwhile, our sales team have all of the fabric options and smaples will be delighted to help you choose this exciting new product.

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