Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds are a beautiful type of blind from Louvolite. Allusion blinds are a unique window dressing for the modern home and are perfect for fitting to windows, patio doors and bi-folding doors and are described as a cross between a curtain, vertical blind and a voile. This means that allusion blinds are a unique product which are suitable for many different windows in your home. Traditionally, these window types were difficult to dress with the proper window furnishing, but allusion blinds are designed to fit numerous windows around the home.

Allusion Blind Options

  • Choose from Vista or Horizon fabric for your allusion blinds. Available in a selection of popular shades
  • The option of white or anthracite headrail
  • If you want a neat finish for your allusion blinds, then you have the choice of adding a pelmet to hide the headrail components
  • You can choose the control options to open left, right, both or split. There is also a motorised option for the tilt and turn and opening function
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Allusion Blinds by Blind Technique

Allusion Blind Fabrics

There are 2 stunning ranges of fabric available for your allusion blinds which are available in a colour palette that is both modern and sophisticated for your home.

  • Horizon - is a sheer and textured woven combination in neutral, calming tones
  • Vista - is a flame retardant range with a subtle, geo wave combined with a sophisticated sheer

Choose your view

The Allusion gives you total control over your view and privacy with 3 control positions.

  • Full view - the blind is fully opened with the soft vanes slid to give a fully open and unobstructed view
  • Daytime view with privacy - Control vanes into the open position and enjoy a partial view with privacy, ideal for daytime
  • Total privacy - Rotate the vanes to the closed position to enjoy total privacy, ideal for nightime
Motorised Blinds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are allusion blinds expensive? The combined weave and sheer fabric and the more complex manufacturing process mean that allusion blinds are more expensive than an equivalent sized vertical blind. However, for large windows, choosing allusion blinds can still be a cost-effective solution, so why not get a no-obligation quotation from us to compare?

How long does fitting take? This will depend on the number of allusion blinds you have and their size. As a very rough guide, around 30 minutes per blind is an average. Once the brackets are secured, the headrail or pelmet will clip in and the pre-prepared fabric panels can be hung. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the size of the window

Can they be fitted to my vertical blind track? In theory, yes they can. However, the spacing on allusion blinds is different, so you would need more fabric panels and they wouldn't sit properly. Therefore, we do not recommend this and instead suggest ordering the complete product. Allusion blind fabric panels can be interchanged as and when you wish at a later date

Are they guaranteed!? All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

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